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Revising and rewriting…

I finally updated my projects page as I’ve noticed more and more visitors click on it. Everybody can finally see what I’m working on 😀 Oh and remember, WriteOnCon starts tomorrow! So exciting…

As most of you know, I am currently revising ONE TWO THREE and I’m loving the process of it. Really! Seeing the manuscript transform, deepen, reach its potential is truly beautiful and fun. Not always easy but so worth it.

For me, revisions can include creating/deleting a character or adding/deleting scenes but I am not tearing the entire manuscript apart. I am not starting anew.

What this made me realize is that my first manuscript currently entitled PLAYING WITH FIRE could not be revised. Or it could but the amount of work required would not make it a revision, it would be a rewrite.

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A rewrite means that I am completely rewriting the novel. The main plots will stay the same, some scenes might stay  similar but the story will change. I have a basis point but the canvas is almost blank.


I have so many ideas in my mind for future novels but Erin and Aleksi were begging me to reconsider their story, to give them a proper voice. So, I asked myself (and Twitter) THE question:

I received many helpful comments, including to listen to the loudest voices in my head. (by the way I love it that nobody probably stopped at this sentence except my hubby who must have rolled his eyes and said: “voices in her head. Wonderful”)

And after thinking about it, I went with my feelings and the loudest voices. And I’m having a blast. Erin is turning out to be this fun character to write because I finally know her. And I know Aleksi too. My main problem with the previous draft was not the difficulty of keeping track of every event (even though it was) but the fact that Aleksi and Erin were not real. Right now, I can have conversation with them. Which I don’t. Not really. You know what I mean 😀

So, tell me have you ever decided to rewrite instead of revising?

Are those things the same for you?