Dear Writing Community: Would you be my Valentine?

The ladies at YA Highway had the wonderful idea to celebrate Valentine´s Day by organizing a Blog LovefestThe Valentine blog posts can be a love note to anything–another blogger, a book, an author, a character, a bookstore, your beta readers…anything and anyone! And right when I read the little prompt, I knew I wanted to write to all of you. I thanked the wonderful community several times already but it´s times for an official Valentine´s Day letter and here, help yourselves to some candy…Oh and if you´re looking for my That´s YAmore post (where I share not one but two excerpts from my WIP), you can see it here 🙂

Dear Writing Community,

Happy Valentine´s Day to you. Feel yourself hugged. We don´t go way back but you´re already very important to me. I met you while looking for answers, for other people going through the same hoops as me. 

I ended up on AbsoluteWrite and from there, I hopped from blogs to other forums…I made connections, I read, I lurked, I smiled and I cheered. Then, I decided to create this blog. I started participating in the Road Trip Wednesdays from YA Highway and got to find even more wonderful people. Then, I gave in to Twitter and I don´t regret a single second of it. It made me realize that the writing community can be creative with only a small amount of characters at hand 🙂

You´re a welcoming bunch! And you don´t think my love of books is out of control, thanks for being so accepting!

The people I met through the webs are smart, witty, honest, funny and they´re reaching for the stars. It´s not easy every day for any of you and I really admire your strength and your dedication.  Writing can be a lonesome business. I do not have any writing groups close by nor any English book clubs and thanks to you, I now have a little bit of both.

Happy Valentine´s Day!