The Chemical engineer is back…10 rules to follow when living with a “science” person

I’m glad to welcome The Chemical Engineer (aka my amazing husband) back on my blog. 

That’s not my husband…but Einstein…:)

10 rules that will make it easier to leave with a “science person”

So, you read the exiting news and indeed I am back on here. I wish I could say it will now be more often that I will write posts, I am just not creative enough for that. Speaking on of which, I noticed (no true statistics involved here) that it is common for somebody with a creative background to be together with somebody with a more “sciency” background and since my last post was about the ten rules of living with a writer, let me now take the opportunity to write about 10 rules that will make it easier to live with a science person.

  1. Don’t ask a question you are not ready to hear the answer to. This goes for most things in life (dresses, hair cuts, etc.), but I am talking about questions that are related to science (and trust me there are a lot of them). Generally a science guy/girl will be excited about sharing some of his.her knowledge, so if you ask them about that, do pay attention and don’t start doing something else or drift off. Even better, ask questions if you don’t quite get something he is explaining (and yes, there will be a quiz afterwards).

 2. Everything can be related back to science. This goes right back to rule number one, so be aware of what you ask a question about. It can have a long answer (and yes, sometimes things are just not that simple).

Note from Elodie: sometimes, you don’t even need to ask a question to get to number 2)

3. Science people have cool jobs (at least the ones that stay in their fields). Sure, most of us don’t cure cancer or save the world, but we still get to do some pretty neat stuff. Now, we can’t communicate that fact most of the time (and you probably don’t want to know anyways), but without us you wouldn’t be able to do much of anything (including reading this right now). If you like your science guy/girl then ask him/her to describe to you what exactly he/she does at his work, and if you really want to make his/her day (this is a very special occasion) ask him if he/she can take you to work with him/her one day and give you a tour.

4. Yes there is a clear order within the engineering fields: Chemical Engineering > Electrical Engineering > Air and Space Engineering > Mechanical Engineering > Civil Engineering > All other fringe fields of Engineering (ok, maybe some of ranking is debatable, but definitely not the first one).

5. Small things are can be very exciting. This might not seem that way to a regular person, but science people live a different world. Boiling water is a prime example of real thermo dynamics (have you ever noticed that putting salt into water makes it boil faster, there is a scientific reason for that; very exciting). Things flying is very exciting and all rests on one key assumption/boundary condition – Flow in = Flow Out. Ok, I guess I lost you now…look back to rule number one. And yes you did ask a question by starting to read this.

6. Overall Entropy is always increasing (or stays the same). Another fun thermodynamically principle/law (now I would like you to go to Wikipedia and search for Entropy, but you probably don’t want to get too bored so here is what I mean with it in just a few sentences). Entropy is a measure of disorder. Thermodynamics tells us that entropy can never decrease. I guess what I am trying to say with this, most science guys are pretty messy, but that is because we are trying to be law abiding people.

7. Fear better be proportional to the probability of occurrence. I know that fear is/was important for the survival of our species, but we are talking about ten-thousands of years ago when there was no internet, now twitter, no news channels. Nowadays we are bombarded with scary things all the time make it seem like they are imminent, but in reality they are statistically insignificant. I guess what I am trying to say is, yes Elodie sharks are scary, but they are just as deadly as vending machines, but I don’t hear you say that you will not walk next to one of those.

8. Yes, Math IS important. Don’t get me wrong it is not the ONLY thing that is important, but it is none-the less. Our world works because we can describe things mathematically. And yes, math is hard, but people shouldn’t dismiss it because they say it is not their strength. You have to put in the effort and it eventually will make you better at it. (Leaving my soap box now).

9. TV shows about science are interesting and entertaining. In many cases even more so than some movie about a writer trying to make it and finding love along the way (yes, go ahead, post your hateful comments below :))

10. Excel is the most crucial program in MS Office (I know, you are all shocked now that it is not Word). This program is one of the most crucial tools in an engineer’s tool box. It is so powerful and most people don’t realize it, which makes an engineer sad. So yes, go ahead don’t just teach kids how to spell and do math, but please, pretty please, teach them how do use excel as well and make the world a better place (this also applies to teaching writers/authors how to use this beautiful software).


So I hope that these simple guidelines will promote a better understanding between two very different kinds of personalities (or were just fun to read, which I am not a big fan of hence the three years between my last two posts). I do love listening to audio-books. Maybe next time, I’ll do a podcast.

Engineer Out

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Five perks of living with a writer

Before I start on the perks, the entries for Christa´s Band Camp story contest are up and I´m one of them 😀 It seems a tad unreal I have to admit. You can check all entries here and please vote for your favorite ones.

Now our regular posting shall continue.

Not too long ago, hubby wrote about several rules one should keep in mind when living with a writer (or dating one). This made me think about the perks that one has when his/her significant other happens to be a writer.

There are some 😀

                                                                                                      Source: yellowheartart.com via Shelley W on Pinterest

1. Time.  If you want to play on TV or hang out with your buddies alone or spend quality time with the children, you should know that a writer will not hold you back. He/she will either spend this time with you on the couch with her/his laptop on the laps. This can even count as time together. Or, if your writer prefers to write in silence, they may disappear for a while.  Just know they will always be back.

2. You won’t get bored. No really. A writer lives with imaginary people in their minds. When they read or write, they might start talking about those people like they’re real. Plus with all that imagination running through their veins, they’re bound to have some quirks.

3. You will become famous. By famous, I mean your writer will probably mention you regularly on Twitter, his/her blog because, well, you can be the source of funny or cute stories. And later on, when your writer gets published, you do have a very high probability to be featured in his/her book (maybe it will even be dedicated to you, cool, no?)

4. Easy to please. Maybe not always. But you can always say “Happy Birthday” or “I´m sorry” with a book. You can even spy on his/her goodreads TBR list or you can read their blog posts to know which books they absolutely have to read. Yes there might be hundreds. You may pick randomly and still make your writer smile.

                                                                                                                    Source: livraire.tumblr.com via June on Pinterest

5. They appreciate you. They know it´s not always easy to live with a writer. Ok here it´s maybe a hidden message to my hubby 😀 But I do, really, appreciate everything my hubby does which makes my writing easier: a) he doesn´t make fun of me- except when I start tearing up about fictional characters, b) he understands I need the time to write, to connect with other writers, to blog, c) he encourages me, d) he pushes me when I need it but e) hugs me when I need it too. 😀 and f) he listens to me rambling about my drafts, while trying to give me ideas.

What other perks would you add to this list? 😀 Which ones do you agree with?