Dirty Dancing…and a margarita (or two)

Sunday will be my random post day where my posts will not be related to my writing nor to my commuting…

I started last week by a little poll on where did you think I was from…and while some thought I was from Canada or from Germany, I am actually French (but I do currently live in Germany). I spent about 7 years in the US and I called Maryland home during that time (but that´s another story).

I love the movie Dirty Dancing, I must have watched it at least 99 times and I love margaritas (on the rocks with salt). Oh and I love my husband. Well this week-end, I had the luck to go see the musical of Dirty Dancing, drink some margaritas and spent time with my wonderful husband…(if he reads this: thanks again baboo).

The musical was great, the added subplots were funny/interesting…

I just had one of those magical times, where the eyes shine a little brighter and where my smile just would not stop 🙂

Hope your week-end is going well too – what are YOU doing?


Week 41: Happy dance….for others

While looking for ways of writing query letters and landing agents (I am still far from that stage but curiosity won over), I stumbled upon success stories in different blogs and forums.

Why did a smile appear on my face when I read what others achieved?

It gave me hope. It is those stories of people who landed an agent, who published their first novels which make me believe that I can do the same.

As my story continues to unravel at my fingertips, there are moments where I doubt that anybody except my unwilling husband, one my best friends and maybe my mom will actually read my work.  Not a lot of people actually know that I write so it limits the possible immediate audience. I am not ashamed of it, I am a bit shy and it is a tad difficult to discuss my YA paranormal novel in a meeting…

Sometimes, it reassures me. After all, who is not afraid of failures? But at other times, I wish that others could learn to know Laura and her story as much as I, that some may enjoy travelling back in time to witch hunts in France and in New England and feel her uncertainties, her desires…

I do not know the people I came across, I do not know their work but I still did the happy dance for them.





There are more out there…Not all will become the next JK Rowling but they have made it, they finished their novel, they landed an agent…

I know it is not the end of the work, not for them and not for me. However, it is a step towards the realization of a dream and this makes me happy.

So if some of my readers also have happy news, don´t hesitate to share 🙂