Dirty Dancing…and a margarita (or two)

Sunday will be my random post day where my posts will not be related to my writing nor to my commuting…

I started last week by a little poll on where did you think I was from…and while some thought I was from Canada or from Germany, I am actually French (but I do currently live in Germany). I spent about 7 years in the US and I called Maryland home during that time (but that´s another story).

I love the movie Dirty Dancing, I must have watched it at least 99 times and I love margaritas (on the rocks with salt). Oh and I love my husband. Well this week-end, I had the luck to go see the musical of Dirty Dancing, drink some margaritas and spent time with my wonderful husband…(if he reads this: thanks again baboo).

The musical was great, the added subplots were funny/interesting…

I just had one of those magical times, where the eyes shine a little brighter and where my smile just would not stop 🙂

Hope your week-end is going well too – what are YOU doing?