Happy Friday #18 – First week back from holidays :D

Yay, it´s time for Happy Friday 😀 Looking forward to know what made you smile this week!

This was my first week at work after more than 3 weeks away, after our wonderful honeymoon and while I was happy to be back and to see my colleagues, I am tired 😀

Looking back at the past 7 days, quite a lot made me smile, so here is a little recap:

Reading: I almost read all the books which were on my Spring Reading List (I´ll do a recap soon). This week, I read two wonderful stories: IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT (both by Gayle Forman).  The way they were written inspired me to work even harder on my WiP. I read the second one in the train and yep, trying to fight the tears. Again. If you haven’t read them, you should!


Writing: On Monday, I reread my YA Contemporary romance WiP and I surprised by myself: I really like it 😀 but then I froze: where is the story going? That’s when I decided that I needed to get my creativity going before sitting my butt in the train and powering through on it. Enters Christa and her fantastic idea to compile flash fiction with the theme “This one time at band camp”  stories. And I wrote it in two days. And I loved it. But then I froze again: what if I got everything wrong (grammar, feelings…) and I turned to Jaime for help. Have I said before that Jaime is amazing? And that if you get a CP like her you’re one lucky writer? 😀 So yep, I am ready to send it off to Christa…

Jogging: I decided to take up jogging again. I need a way to burn stress…I started this week and while I can’t run that far yet, the feeling after I was done was one of calmness and happiness…All those happy hormones, you know 😀 Plus I get to jog by the Rhine so it’s pretty cool (and with my hubby if he’s patient enough to let me run with him)

Last but not least…the view from the train as I was coming back from work yesterday. I was tired, the train was late which made me a bit cranky (I know if hubby is reading this, he is rolling his eyes: yes, I was only a bit cranky :D) but as always, looking outside of the train window while  getting closer to where I live, made me smile and feel more serene (for a little while at least :D)

So, tell me what made you smile this week?