So happy to announce: Escono Oggi- UN’ESTATE SENZA PRECEDENTI…

Today is the release day of the Italian version of A Summer Like No Other. I am so so excited about it. I even got one of the coveted little best-selling flags for it on Amazon Italy. 🙂

Thank you so much to my translator: Annalisa Lovat and my proofreader Cinzia Novi 🙂 and stay tuned for more information on bilingual editions of A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER in Italian coming soon. And for the Italian version of ALWAYS SECOND BEST.

***Lasciati tentare…***
Lei è la sorella più piccola del suo migliore amico. Lui è il miglior rubacuori in circolazione. Non dovrebbero stare insieme. Però quest’estate la tentazione sarà grande.
Amazon Kindle: https://amzn.to/2TH0tK9
Amazon (paperback/cartaceo): https://amzn.to/2TGYlSF
iTunes: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1513072384
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/it/it/ebook/un-estate-senza-precedenti
GooglePlay: https://bit.ly/GooglePlayASLNOSee Translation

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FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT auf Deutsch :-)

Mein Buch Fear Me, Fear Me Not wird auf Deutsch übersetzt…und ist jetzt schon vorbestellbar: Fürchte mich, Fürchte mich nicht.


“Die Wendungen in diesem Buch haben mich total überrascht und ich bin begeistert!” Ein spannender Roman für Fans von Sixx-Filmen und Criminal Minds…

Die siebzehnjährige Cheerleaderin Erin Hortz sollte sich eigentlich auf den größten Wettbewerb ihres Lebens vorbereiten, der ihr Ticket aus ihrer kleinen texanischen Stadt sein könnte. Aber da ihr Vater in Verdacht steht, ein Serienmörder zu sein, fällt es ihr schwer, fokussiert zu bleiben. Erst recht, wenn es um den ehemaligen Football-Star Dimitri Kuvlev geht: der Bruder ihrer besten Freundin Nadia, ihr Dauerschwarm, derjenige, der einen Platz in ihrem Herzen hat.

Einst interessierten sich Universitäten aus dem ganzen Land für den 19-jährigen Football-Superstar Dimitri, doch nach einem Unfall weiß er nicht, was er mit seinem Leben anfangen soll. Die einzige Person, die ihn zu verstehen scheint, ist die, mit der er eigentlich nur befreundet sein wollte, zumindest bis er alles in Ordnung gebracht hat: Erin.

Als Nadia nach einer Party nicht nach Hause kommt, wissen Dimitri und Erin, dass sie sie finden müssen, bevor es zu spät ist – auch wenn das bedeutet, ihr eigenes Leben zu riskieren und alles, was Erin lieb ist.


Andere Bücher schon auf Deutsch verfügbar…


Adventures in audiobook narration…(Part 1 – Say what?)

Microphone on blackHave you ever listened to an audiobook? Have you ever thought about recording one? 

I personally really enjoy listening to audiobooks. The Chemical Engineer and I always listen to audiobooks when we go on road trips. I also like listening to audiobooks when I do things around the house. I get them from Audible or the library. I was so happy when I realized Overdrive/Libby carried audiobooks.

Some of my own books (you know, the ones I write :-)) are even available as audiobook. I have worked with amazingly talented narrators (like Jennifer Barragio, Kasi Hollowell and Tiana Hanson.) I mean, listen to this excerpt from LOVE IN B MINOR…Love it!

Why did I start narrating?

I did theater for a while when I was (much) younger and I always thought teaching was a bit like theater: modulating my voice, getting the audience as engaged as possible 🙂 Maybe that’s why I decided to dip my toes into the audiobook market as a narrator.

I mainly record in French. So, if you’re an author reading this and you’re thinking of expanding your work to the French audiobook market, I may be able to help 🙂 

It is something I can do from home and I can organize my own schedule. Since I’ve been on treatments on and off for the past two years and had to quit my job as Adjunct Faculty, I’ve tried many different jobs on top of writing. I did some transcription with Rev.com. It was interesting, even though my pay per hour was really minimal. I’ve listened to audiobooks for a while and had been thinking about trying my hand at recording. 

It hasn’t been smooth sailing. But, the main reason is that when I first tried, I did pretty much everything wrong. I had the wrong equipment. I didn’t have the right software. And I thought I could just master the files so didn’t work on setting up a proper studio.

Major fail.

And then fast-forward a year and I decided to really try. 

I wanted to test the French audiobook market with the French version of FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT (LA PEUR DANS LE SANG). I decided to hire an audiobook narrator for the male POV and I decided to record the other parts myself.

So…what are the first steps in narrating?

The first step? Go back to the beginning. What do you know about narrating? What does it entail? 

What is audiobook narrating?

There are different ways and processes. Are you going to work from home? Are you going to rent a studio or work for a company?

I personally want to have the flexibility of working from home but I also find the process in an external studio pretty fascinating 🙂

Here are a few resources that you may find interesting and show different perspectives.

At the time of my research, the audiobook narrator Krystal Wascher was running a free class on audiobook narration which went over a lot of details. I found that extremely helpful.

I also went back to my theater classes and teaching techniques to see how I could modulate my voice. I read out loud. I listened to more audiobooks.

Do you want to know more?

In my next post, I’ll go over the equipment and software and how I set-up my studio and then I’ll go into where I got my first jobs (in addition to my own books).

If you have any questions for me, I’ll add the answers to those questions in another post on the topic. Don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

And I’ve created a website for my narration work: http://www.elodienarration.com


Are you learning French? German? Italian? Or maybe Portuguese?

For the past several years, I have published bilingual books: one page in one language, one page in another language. Maybe it stems from my years as language learner or teacher.

I wanted to find a way to help people who are learning a foreign language to find new ways to enjoy that language. It also shows how translation isn’t word per word, how crucial it is to have the context and the magic of words, the importance of their meaning.

And I know some people learn better by listening than by reading or sometimes they need both, so I published an audiobook with one chapter in English and one chapter in French…

How did I do it? Some of my translations were done on Babelcube. I also have worked with translators on Upwork. I did some of my own formatting and for some of the books I’ve used freelancers on Upwork to do the formatting for me. I designed the covers for those books, only using inspiration for the French version of One, Two, Three for the English/German version of Love, Live, Dance.

Which one of my books do you want to see next? And in what language pairing?

Are you learning French?

KindlePaperback AudiobookApple BooksKobo

Est-ce que vous apprenez l’anglais? Are you learning French? Ce livre peut vous aider…This book can help you…
Une page en français, une page en anglais. One page in French, one page in English…

Elle pensait être sur le chemin de la gloire. Elle pensait avoir le monde du ballet à ses pieds. Elle pensait que ses rêves allaient se réaliser. Mais en une petite semaine, la vie de Natalya va être complètement bouleversée.

She thought she was on her way to the top… She thought she had the world of ballet at her feet…She thought all her dreams would come true. Within a week, Natalya’s life will be changed forever.


Are you learning French? Est-ce que vous apprenez l’anglais?  This book can help you with that: one page in French, one page in English… Ce livre peut vous aider: une page en français, une page en anglais. 

She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s the biggest player of them all.  They shouldn’t be together. But this summer’s just too tempting.

Il enchaîne les conquêtes. Elle est la sœur de son meilleur ami. 
Ils ne devraient pas être ensemble. Mais cet été, la tentation est trop forte.

Are you learning Italian?

Kindle PaperbackKoboGoogle Play

Stai imparando l’inglese? Are you learning Italian? This book can help you with that: one page in English, one page in Italian…Questo libro può aiutarti: una pagina è in inglese e una in italiano.

She thought she was on her way to the top. . .Sixteen-year-old Natalya Pushkaya has one dream and one dream only: becoming the best ballerina ever. Within a week, Natalya’s life will be changed forever.

Credeva di essere sulla strada per il successo. . .La sedicenne Natalya Pushkaya ha un solo e unico sogno: diventare la più grande ballerina di sempre. Em uma semana a vida de Natalya vai mudar para sempre.

Are you learning German?


Lernst du Englisch? Are you learning German? This book can help you with that: one page in English, one page in German … Dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen: eine Seite auf Englisch, eine Seite auf Deutsch…

She thought she was on her way to the top…Sixteen-year-old Natalya Pushkaya has one dream and one dream only: becoming the best ballerina ever. Within a week, Natalya’s life will be changed forever.

Sie hatte sich schon auf dem Weg zur Spitze gesehen…Die 16-jährige Natalya Pushkaya hat nur einen einzigen Traum: die beste Ballerina zu werden, die es je gegeben hat. Innerhalb einer Woche ändert sich Natalyas Leben für immer.


Lernst du Englisch? Are you learning German? This book can help you with that: one page in English, one page in German … Dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen: eine Seite auf Englisch, eine Seite auf Deutsch…

Sie hat alles verloren. Kann sie noch an Liebe glauben? She lost everything, can she still believe in love?


Lernst du Englisch? Are you learning German? This book can help you with that: one page in English, one page in German …Dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen: eine Seite auf Englisch, eine Seite auf Deutsch…

Sie ist die kleine Schwester seines besten Freundes. Er ist der größte Casanova von allen. Sie sollten nicht zusammen sein. Aber dieser Sommer ist zu verlockend. 

She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s the biggest player of them all.
They shouldn’t be together. But this summer’s just too tempting.

Are you learning Portuguese?

KindleKobo iBooks Google Play

Está aprendendo inglês? Are you learning Portuguese? 
This book can help you with that: one page in English, one page in Portuguese… Este livro pode te ajudar: uma página em inglês e outra em português…

She thought she was on her way to the top… Sixteen-year-old Natalya Pushkaya has one dream and one dream only: becoming the best ballerina ever. But…will she make it? Within a week, Natalya’s life will be changed forever.

Ela achava que estava a caminho do topo…Natalya Pushkaya de 16 anos tem um sonho apenas: se tornar a melhor bailarina do mundo. Mas ela vai conseguir? Em uma semana a vida de Natalya vai mudar para sempre.

French/German versions 🙂


Est-ce que vous apprenez l’allemand? Lernst du Französisch? Ce livre peut vous aider…Une page en français, une page en allemand…
Dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen: eine Seite auf Französisch, eine Seite auf Deutsch…

Elle pensait être sur le chemin de la gloire. Natalya Pushkaya, seize ans, a un seul rêve : devenir la meilleure ballerine du monde entier. Mais en une petite semaine, la vie de Natalya va être complètement bouleversée.

Sie hatte sich schon auf dem Weg zur Spitze gesehen…Die 16-jährige Natalya Pushkaya hat nur einen einzigen Traum: die beste Ballerina zu werden, die es je gegeben hat. Innerhalb einer Woche ändert sich Natalyas Leben für immer.

What languages do you want to learn?

Which one of my books do you want to see next? And in what language pairing?


Only 15 more books to reach my goal :-)

As you probably must know, because…well, I did talk about it a little bit 😉 I am running a release month campaign for my newest book TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT.

As September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month I’m donating $1 to the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society. Annnnnnd two of my friends are also donating $1. So for each book sold in September, $3 will be donated to the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society. Our goal is to reach 100 books.

So if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, don’t hesitate to grab one! The ebook is only $3.99!

Amazon  Kobo –iTunes – B&N  Google Play Buy a paperback copy on Amazon.



Preparing for stem-cell transplant – CaringBridge website

Last week, on Wednesday, I posted a selfie mentioning I was going to get ice cream after my line placement. I didn’t. The short story is: I had a reaction to one of the shots and pretty miserable for a while. I feel much better now and the mobilized enough cells last Thursday. And that was my face on Friday morning. So yay! If you want the long story, I did post it on our CaringBridge website. As mentioned this site will be what we mainly use as communication tool while I’m at the hospital.


La semaine dernière, mercredi, j’ai posté un selfie mentionnant que j’allais avoir une glace après le placement de ma ligne centrale. Je ne l’ai pas fait. J’ai eu une réaction à l’une des piqûres, et j’étais assez misérable mercredi soir et jeudi dernier. Je me sens beaucoup mieux maintenant et ils ont récupéré assez de cellules jeudi dernier. Et cette photo date de vendredi matin. Si vous voulez la longue histoire, je l’ai publiée sur notre site Web CaringBridge. Comme mentionné, ce site sera ce que nous utiliserons principalement comme outil de communication lorsque je serai à l’hôpital.


How to help an author…in less than five minutes.

I haven’t done one of those posts in several months and since I have a new book out (here are all my books on Amazon if you’re looking for them :-)), I thought maybe it was the right timing. I’m not good at asking for things. But this doesn’t only apply to me, it applies to all your favorite authors, to all the books you couldn’t put down, to all the stories that transported you into their worlds…

What you can do for those stories and those authors really doesn’t take a lot of time. You don’t have to buy the book. You can ask Overdrive or your library to borrow it.

Leaving a review doesn’t mean writing an ENG 101 essay, it just needs a few words.

And if you’re on other social media or readers’ group, then share that review there too. A couple of minutes. Super easy.
If you have a book club, don’t hesitate to recommend that book to your book club. I was in one book club right around the time I was diagnosed and I actually almost went to that book club 🙂 And I just found out one of my readers’ from my cozy book recommended my book to her book club and I’m still smiling just thinking about it.

Did you love a book? Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your library. 🙂

Why does it matter? It does for many reasons. As an author, you’re not supposed to look at reviews but seeing your book not getting a lot of reviews can be tough. I’m not talking about the “oh my nobody loved it. No one cares. I’m going to go hide now” which happens from times to times, let’s face it. I’m mostly talking about the fact that there are secret and not-so-secret algorithms at play. If a book is bought and gets reviewed, it might be put in front of more readers…which means more reviews and more readers.

If you’ve read all of this 🙂 Don’t hesitate to tell me what are the latest books you’ve reviewed and where you reviewed it.


It’s my book birthday…and a long note from me to you (or maybe a PSA)…

Time to share the author’s note from this little book that means so much to me…

It’s my book birthday. TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT is my 8th book. And this book has been with me in some pretty difficult times and yet helped me move forward. And what better way to celebrate this book birthday than to hopefully raise some awareness and share my own experience to maybe help someone else.

Yesterday I shared my book release campaign. I’m donating $1 per purchase to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the entire month of September for #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth and my friend (and very talented author) Katy Upperman is matching those donations up to $100. And while I was writing I was thinking on how even though cancer doesn’t define me, it’s not like I can simply wish it away. I can enjoy the moments and be present and sometimes I wonder if I talk too much about it. But, you know what, even though it doesn’t define me, it’s part of my daily life. I see the scars. And I feel it in the neuropathy in my feet. I see it on the calendar as I start mobilization in about 10 days. I also do a lot of other things. And I can talk about a lot of other things. It’s a balance. And it’s important to me. It’s also important to me to share what I wrote in the author’s note of TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT.

So, I thought that on my book birthday, I’ll share it with all of you.

So here we go….

All my books feel special to me. But this one? Those characters who have become real in my imagination? They feel extra special. Maybe because there is so much of me in them. Maybe because they have helped me move forward. Maybe because I am so proud of this book.

They belong to you now, but for a while they were only in my mind. I started writing this book what feels like forever ago, even though it’s been maybe over a year or maybe two years. It’s kind of a blur.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in October 2017. After months of feeling tired. After months of coughing. After months of backache.

It all started with shooting pain in my shoulder and arm after drinking a sip of alcohol. It was so bad that I started taking Tylenol if I knew I was going to have a glass. It was the holiday season. And I do enjoy a glass here and there and really didn’t want to miss drinking Champagne on New Year’s Eve. I googled my symptoms as I do and I found that having pain while drinking alcohol could be an early symptom of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I thought I felt something underneath my arm too, but it wasn’t always there. My mind went on overdrive. And did I mention I have anxiety?

Since the pain wasn’t going away and my upper back pain was actually intensifying, I went to my primary care physician at the end of 2016. But he basically told me that he’d never heard of the pain with the alcohol symptom for lymphoma, and that based on his physical evaluation he really didn’t think I should be too worried. He dismissed my concerns and told me I should do physical therapy for my upper back because it could very well be muscle weakness. And me having anxiety, I thought, Okay…my heightened concerns stem from my over-imaginative mind, so I’ll do the physical therapy and see. He also told me I could do bloodwork but I figured if he was really worried and not just appeasing my worries, he’d tell me otherwise. I didn’t do my bloodwork (which could have very well shown nothing at that stage because Hodgkin’s lymphoma is funny like that).

I did months of physical therapy. I changed physical therapists so that it was closer to my work (I was teaching German at a wonderful community college then). None of them asked me to undergo x-rays. I went back to my primary care physician because of a lingering cough in August 2017. Unfortunately it was a different one and she dismissed my concerns. She also didn’t notice I had lost weight. I hadn’t noticed either but it was summer and I was wearing clothes that fit. I did have to buy new pairs of jeans but I figured it was because I had been more active. After all, I was doing physical therapy.

But my cough continued. My back pain was keeping me up at night. I was feeling like crap.

And I remember driving to work one day, coughing and yelling in my car that no matter what was making me cough, I was going to be okay. I knew. Deep inside, I knew there was more going on with this cough.

I started jogging again which in retrospect and after finding out what was going on in my body makes me wonder how I managed to run. Granted it wasn’t fast or long, but still…

I decided to continue working out too. But one day, I felt dizzy while working out. I blamed it on not drinking enough water.

I was teaching two classes and writing and doing a thousand things as always. But one day, I felt dizzy teaching, which I blamed on maybe not eating enough. I started eating more snacks despite the fact that I wasn’t hungry. I continued working and writing and telling myself it was okay. Because I went to see my doctor.

I had an itch and a rash during that time too, but I also have sensitive skin so what are the chances?

…Until I found a lump above my chest in early fall of 2017. And then I went back to see my primary care physician and everything went very fast after that.

By the time I got diagnosed I had a very large mass in my chest, which was now basically poking out of my chest wall, hence the lump. It was such a large mass that the thoracic surgeon who did my biopsy told me I shouldn’t sleep laying down because the mass could be a risk to my trachea. That was scary. I remember sitting with my husband on our bed and we were crossing our fingers that the surgeon would call me back to let me know the biopsy showed Hodgkin’s and not some other cancer which had way less of a good prognosis.

I laughed and reassured my family when I got the diagnosis. Because we got the news we wanted. But still it was hard. And it got even harder.

There was a time we weren’t quite sure if I’d still be alive today. And I am. And I am thriving.

And yes, I’m still in treatment today. Hodgkin’s is a very treatable cancer but sometimes it takes longer when you’re not in the majority of patients who are cured with first-line treatment. I didn’t talk about cancer much online at first and I didn’t tell many people, because I thought I was going to be part of the large percentage of patients that go into remission after their first-line treatment.

But then I didn’t.

And then I had experiences which plainly sucked. I could probably write a book about fighting for your rights, fighting to be heard, fighting for your care as a cancer patient.

I remember telling one of my oncologists that I was worried about getting a PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter which is a form of intravenous access) because the mass was narrowing my SVC (superior vena cava), and that oncologist dismissed me. I asked him twice. I asked the nurse who told me, “Well, if they say it’s possible, we should try.” My husband wasn’t in the room with me and it was painful and I was scared and the nurse kept on hitting a snag and then my heart galloped and she said, “I’m never doing this to you again. If they want you to go through it again, they need to send you to intervention radiology.”

When I met with that oncologist again (who wasn’t my primary oncologist but higher up), he smiled, raised his hand, and walked back out of the room. Like it was nothing. Like that wasn’t traumatizing. I mean, granted it was nothing like a bone marrow biopsy, but still…(that’s another story). That same oncologist told me once the first chemo didn’t work as well as it usually does, “Now you’ve become interesting.” Oh and I could tell you so much more. Like how he dismissed a treatment that was not coming from his “group” as inefficient and yet our third opinion from MSK saw it as possibility because “studies have shown it works.”

He’s no longer my oncologist for these reasons and many others. We trusted the Fellow we had, but that same oncologist who had dismissed my concerns kept on pushing for one treatment plan, making it seem like it was our one and only option. We weren’t so sure about their treatment plan forward, and when we asked questions, we didn’t get many answers. It was a very hard time. I couldn’t talk without getting out of breath. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t walk without getting dizzy. And I was scared of going through that treatment plan still feeling the way I did. Both the oncologist we saw at MSK and the one we saw at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center gave us hope again.

And hope is so important.

I’m not going to go into details because this is a note from me to you, not another book ☺ Just like I’m not going to go into details on the ER visits, and the neuropathy and dealing with health insurance and billing and all that.

I’m now treated at the Greenebaum Cancer Center and I’m very grateful to my team there. As I’m writing this, the plan is for me to go through an autologous stem-cell transplant and yes, I’m very scared about the entire process, but I have a wonderful team and I advocate for myself and I’m heard and I feel in control of the things I can be in control of and I learn to deal with the things I can’t necessarily control.

As a cancer patient, I’m so grateful to the Greenebaum Cancer Center for truly being an comprehensive cancer center. My sessions with Vicky Wilson have helped me tremendously. I’m less anxious, less stressed. I know that it’s okay to not always be okay. And I owe it to her.

And after switching chemo, I found a way to create different moments, like organize a fundraiser for associations who help young adult facing cancer. And one of my highlights? Jenna Fisher (who I loved in The Office but would watch in pretty much anything) not only donated but she also tweeted at me ☺

Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of hard moments, but there were also a lot, a lot of good ones throughout treatment. And therapy helps!

I’m very grateful to my oncologist, Dr. Aaron Rapoport, for letting me be a part of the team and especially for giving us hope—and for never making me feel like I didn’t matter. To the nurses (especially Liz and Meeghan and the infusion nurses) and Megan (from the Ulman Fund) and Nancy (Survivorship Navigator) who always manage to put a smile on my face and who also sometimes just let me cry when I need to cry.

I may be tearing up writing this author’s note.

If you don’t know what to do for someone who’s close to you, who is going through treatment, is in remission or might have relapsed, or got diagnosed recently, sometimes you just need to be there. Organize a meal train (thank you to the Chemical Engineer’s boss for starting one for us and for his colleagues for keeping us fed during the months of chemo treatment). Send a card. Mow their lawn. Text them. Call them. Connect with them. Even if they’re far away. Don’t forget them. And it’s okay to talk about something else. And it’s okay to ask about it. Everyone reacts differently. And not everyone has the same experience with chemo and treatment. But I think not feeling like you’re left behind is important. And when you’re going through treatment, you may be too tired or too sick or too vulnerable to be the one keeping that connection. So, reaching out without always expecting an answer really helps.

 Sometimes this cancer treatment thing takes a long time, and it’s important to not lose that connection.

And, if you’re reading this author’s note, I urge you to advocate for yourself, to not let your anxiety (if you’re prone to it) be used as an excuse as to why you are feeling strange or sick. Sure, it can be related to anxiety but you do need to be checked out.

You need to be listened to.

You need to have your medical team take your concerns seriously.

Because some days, I do wonder if maybe the first-line treatment would have worked if we had caught it before the mass went through my chest wall. And I’ll never be sure so I don’t dwell on it. But still…it’s important that your worries do not get dismissed.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, then my wish for you is to be able to also find a professional who can help you get through the tough moments and who can give you the tools you need.

And you know what else? Enjoy the little moments.

Create those little moments too, because sometimes you have to readjust. But those moments, you can still find them. A ray of sunshine. A laugh. A good book. A conversation.

Those moments? They truly are the big ones ☺

I probably should add the “Buy links” here but you can find all those in my release campaign post here.

If you’ve read that far, you can also share that release month campaign by retweeting Katy 🙂

or retweeting Katy,

Or sharing this post…

But mainly, what you can really do is spread awareness and advocate for yourself and others if you can and enjoy the little moments.

❤ ❤ ❤


Let’s talk Mental Health for a moment…

And yes, it’s somewhat related to my books. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about mental health and how therapy has helped me and I just posted my random thoughts on Twitter.

So I thought, I’d share them here too. Because…why not?

Deep breath, here we go.

I ‘m not sure who needs to hear this, but I’ve been thinking about mental health and that I should share my own experience. I was in therapy for 2 years in Germany. I have high-functioning anxiety and needed to deal with a few things on top of that anxiety and/or resulting from that anxiety. I was working full-time, and was gaining more and more responsibility at work. I loved my high-stress job (for the most part), and I was good at it (at least I want to believe so).

One of the reasons I was able to do that much was thanks to therapy. My therapist used Cognitive behavioral techniques.

She gave me the tools I needed. And it wasn’t immediate. And it was a lot of hours. I used to go once a week during my lunch break. Then once every 2 weeks, then once a month. I started because The Chemical Engineer very rightly told me that he couldn’t be my therapist.

I had tried it in the US too while finishing my first Master’s but it didn’t click. And I didn’t look for someone else. I probably should have tried to find a professional then, but I waited a few more years to really invest the time in myself.

Fast-forward four years and I’m back in therapy to deal with all those emotions and fears that come with cancer. I didn’t get therapy in my first cancer center and it’s a pity they didn’t offer it, because I was retreating and didn’t know how to deal with it.

When I started seeing my therapist in January 2018, I was a mess. And she has helped me so so so much. She listens to me and gives me the tools I need to deal with all of that.

The Chemical Engineer even went to a few sessions and it has made such a difference in the way we communicate through this. Therapy has made a big difference in my life. And yet, there still seems to be a stigma attached to it.

Maybe that’s why a lot of the characters in my books go through therapy. It’s not magic. It doesn’t happen overnight. And it can take time to find the right person. But I believe it does help. And if you need it, I really hope you’re able to receive it and seek that help ❤

And here’s a picture of Plato The Dog because that picture always manages to me smile.

All the pillows.