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New audiobooks: Trust Me, Trust Me Not and the Gavert City boxset…

My, oh my. I had forgotten how emotional Trust Me, Trust Me Not is and let me tell you: hearing it as an audiobook (Audible Amazon iTunes) has definitely reminded me of it. Megan Carter‘s narration is top-notch (as always) and she captures both Lacey and Hunter perfectly. Plus if you’d like to listen to the entire Gavert City series (so far) including FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT – SEE ME, SEE ME NOT & TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT, it is available as an audiobook boxset as well (Audible AmazoniTunes).

Lacey may have escaped a cult with the aid of firefighter Hunter, but moving on is another story. As they’re drawn back together on their college campus, will Hunter be able to help Lacey recover—and find the courage to act on their unspoken feelings?


Retail sample Trust Me, Trust Me Not


I posted several excerpts on TikTok and Instagram... here are a few…


Awww.. Lacey! 😟 I forgot how much I put those characters through before their Happily-Ever-After … Love love love the narration by Megan Carter. #audiblerecommendations #romanceaudiobooks #firefighterromance #audiobookrecs #audiobooktok #audiblebooks

♬ You Found Me – Instrumental Pop Songs

Those lines are … it’s hard to explain how much they mean to me. I published Trust Me, Trust Me Not the month before my stem cell transplant in 2019 and listening to those words narrated by Megan Carter, they definitely resonate.

We all have scars that haven’t completely healed. They’re part of us. Some are more visible than others.

Trust Me, Trust Me Not

#duet with @elodienowodazkij Those words… especially listening to them in the audiobook version. My heart. What is a line you wrote that just stays with you? #writingromance #writingabook #amwritinganovel #selfpublishingauthor #writing #audiobookrecs

♬ I See Red – Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Oh and the moment Lacey runs into Hunter still makes me smile…

And the Gavert City series boxset is also available! Listen to FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT – SEE ME, SEE ME NOT & TRUST ME, TRUST ME NOT in one audiobook!

This audiobook is perfect for fans of Criminal Minds and the movie Scream.

Are you ready to set foot into Gavert City, the small Texan town with a history of mysterious disappearances and murders and cults where falling in love almost seems dangerous? Those three stories filled with tension and twists will keep you up at night and may break your heart before piecing it back together.


Included in this audiobook:

Fear Me, Fear Me Not (Erin and Dimitri’s story)

A serial killer has been terrorizing Gavert City for years…what if it’s my father? My forever crush Dimitri may try to protect me, but he can’t protect me from the truth. Here’s what we all know: Sometime this week or the next or the one after that, we will find another dead girl. Every year, a girl disappears, and every year, she’s found dead with an angel wing carved into her cheek. And this year is no different. Another girl disappeared.

Retail sample Fear Me, Fear Me Not

See Me, See Me Not (Tessa and Luke’s story)

My sister disappeared years ago…but her body was never found. My mom wants to believe she’s still alive. I’m not sure what to believe. I know that I miss her. I know that I feel responsible…I’m the reason she disappeared. And I’m not the only one with secrets. My childhood crush, Luke, is back in town, and there’s a darkness to him that wasn’t there before. He’s hiding something, but when he finally tells me he escaped a dangerous cult, will we be able to help each other heal or will our pasts come back to crush us?

Retail sample See Me, See Me Not

Trust Me, Trust Me Not (Lacey and Hunter’s story)

I may have jumped from a building engulfed in flames. I may have thought I was ready to start college after living secluded in my stepfather’s dangerous cult. I may have believed I was finally safe. I was wrong. Can Hunter, the firefighter who saved my life, help me move on? Or will danger always lurk around us?

Retail sample Trust Me, Trust Me Not

Try audible…If you’re interested in trying audible, I have an affiliate link below:

Thank you so much for listening and reading…:-)

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