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Guess who has a podcast? And a new book!

Guess who has a podcast? Me! I do. 🙂 And guess who is ready to share more about her next book?

Me! Yep, I have a podcast! And I am about to share more information about my next book.

I am so very excited to share with all of you my very new podcast: A Self-Published Author’s Diary.

You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more!

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It already has several episodes available…including an interview…with…The Chemical Engineer!

My podcast also a trailer…which you can watch below!

On today’s episode I not only interview The Chemical Engineer, I also share about Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Awareness Week and talk about the Ulman Foundation and their conversation with Tamika Felder. They talked bout her experience with cervical cancer and what led her to inspire others to share their stories as well. They also talked about racial disparities in healthcare and other factors that impact AYA cancer care and will continue to share part of that discussion on their Instagram throughout the month. The Ulman Foundation means a lot to us as Megan, Director, Service & Care Delivery at the Ulman Foundation, was part of our support system during my treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

If you’d like to know more about the behind-the-scenes of launching a podcast, you can read one my recent blog posts on the topic (or listen to it on my podcast). And don’t forget about signing up for my weekly emails about self-publishling if you’re interested in receiving the links and the topics I am discussing in the podcast directly in your emails.


I might be *slightly* excited about this.

Are you ready to (a) read more about my upcoming novel #THELEFTOVERBRIDE, (b) pre-order it maybe (you can do so on Amazon , Kobo, iTunes, (c) Add it to Goodreads, (d) Join the first readers group (just subscribe to my newsletter as I’ll send more info in the coming weeks)? 

I have set the pre-order date for August 18th, 2021. Why? Because it’s my birthday. And I’m going to turn 40. And I feel like releasing a book would be a pretty awesome way to celebrate. I’ve started writing this book in December 2019, not long after my autologous stem cell transplant. It has been a book that has been taking me so long to write and revise. It’s going to be the first book (original) that I’m releasing since September 2019. 

And as an indie author, I get to decide my release date. Plus, that will give me time to draft the second one in the series and the prequel short stories and start drafting MISS ME, MISS ME NOT (the story of Nadia and Gabriel will be coming your way soon-ish).

Here’s the summary for #THELEFTOVERBRIDE:

A second chance romance set during the holiday season in a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore: full of laughter and heartwarming moments, checklists, family dynamics, a stubborn cat, and a rescue dog.

All Sorcha O’Connor wants for Christmas is for her life to turn into a Hallmark movie—but sexier.
Ryan Sawyer has a few things on his wishlist. First, he wants to stay away from Swans Cove. Second, he wants his NHL career back. And third, he wants Sorcha. Always has, always will.

When wedding dress designer Sorcha O’Connor got stranded at the altar and went viral as #TheLeftoverBride, she lost everything: her fiancé, her thriving business, her glowing reputation, and her dreams. To forget the upcoming first anniversary of that fateful day, Sorcha is ticking items off her “31 Things to Do Before the 31st” list and creating new dress designs—working day and night to get her life back on track. Not on her list? Falling for her former best friend —at one point more than best friend—hockey star Ryan Sawyer. Especially since he’s now known as the #HockeyHottie; Sorcha’s got enough hashtags for a lifetime.

Ryan Sawyer skated out of Swans Cove right out of high school. And since then, he stuck to the one item on his wishlist he could control. He busted his ass, making sure he always had the perfect excuse for avoiding Swans Cove: hockey. But thanks to his injured shoulder, rumors about his uncertain future at the Washington Angels, and his mother’s birthday, he’s back for a quick visit. His publicist was crystal clear—Ryan’s got to lay low and avoid stirring up trouble or risk losing his spot on the team. But he can’t stop thinking about Sorcha, the redhead who knows him better than even his therapist. Ryan wasn’t there for her when she needed him most, and for that, she might want to shred him with her dressmaker’s shears, though… Maybe he could just pass by and say hello?

When Sorcha’s former #RunawayGroom becomes the Most Coveted Bachelor in America, virtual eyes focus on Sorcha again. This time, Ryan’s not going to bolt—even when Sorcha blurts out on national TV that both she and Ryan are working on their so-called “Happy Lists”…together.

Will the spotlight finally work in Sorcha and Ryan’s favor? Or will their past—and their hashtags—get in the way of their Happily Ever After?

A week after it releases, I will move it to Kindle Unlimited, so make sure you pre-order it on your preferred platform.

Do you want to to read and review an early copy? Just sign up for my readers’ newsletter and I’ll send more information in the coming weeks.

As always thank you for reading!

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