#TeaserTuesday – Exclusive audio excerpt from FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT…

Fans of Criminal Minds and the movie Scream and Lifetime movies: Are you ready for another excerpt of FEAR ME, FEAR ME NOT which is currently being recorded by the very talented audiobook narrator Megan Carter? I love, love, love love love how she’s bringing this story to life. All the characters and the atmosphere and just…everything.

Plus, there are a few extra fun things coming your way: Newsletter subscribers will be first in line for audiobook promo codes (Audible) and they will receive one extra scene narrated by Megan. So…if you’re interested don’t hesitate to sign up for my newsletter here.

If you do not want to receive somewhat regular emails from me (which I get, it’s okay ;-)), you can fill out the Google form below the video and you will receive only one email from me: to let you know when the audiobook is up for sale and that email will include a code to access one extra exclusive scene narrated by Megan.

And now… the exclusive excerpt from Chapter 2!

And don’t forget, you can sign up to receive only ONE email from me when the audiobook is available for sale and you’ll also get a code for an extra scene narrated by Megan! Once ten more listeners sign up, I’ll share a little bit more from chapter 2…Don’t forget to click “submit” at the end of the form.

Did you want to re-listen to Chapter 1? Here it is again 🙂


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