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Self-Publishing: V is for…Value


 How do you know what price to set for your book? How do you know if you’re going too high or too low? The price people are willing to pay might be different than the value the book has to you, but you also don’t want to lower the value of your book by pricing it too low.

Honestly I haven’t figure that one out yet. I think the ebook price of ONE TWO THREE was too high when I first released it…What I’ve noticed in the selfpub world is that authors seem to be pricing their books between 2.99 – 4.99 and then may do a sale when it’s down at 0.99.

KDP shows you what prices you could use and how it could affect your sales and profit. I do think at the beginning it’s important to gain an audience, so the promotions really do help in getting your book in front of people who may not have read it otherwise.

But anyways I’m rambling. Here are some articles that might help more than me 🙂

Join me tomorrow for W…

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3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: V is for…Value”

  1. Value of one’s work… I think this is true everywhere. When we negotiate a salary we tend to underprice ourselves when we are new to the whole job market… Same goes for artists selling their paintings.
    I give German lessons, and did underprice myself in the beginning, I was scared of being too expensive, my current price is something I thought expensive in my book, but not to my clients. I have learnt that if no one complains it, might even be too low. Of course with books you will not really negotiate with your readers…

  2. I haven’t put anything up for sale yet, but I think I may tend to go on the low side just to appeal to people who are looking for a value deal or who’ll be more likely to “risk” ninety-nine cents than a few dollars. Psychologically, it might get more complicated, with the notion that some people see more value in something with a higher price, but the straightforward arguments for low ebook prices make sense to me.

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