Brainstorming, drafting and working out…#WriterRecharge Update Three!

Writer Recharge

If you want to learn more about #WriterRecharge, just click here. The short story: brainchild of Sara Biren, it´s a way to keep motivated during the month of February.  Your hosts and cheerleaders: Katy UppermanAlison MillerLiz Parker,  Sara Biren and me. Every Monday in February, update your progress via your blog or twitter. Link your blog posts at Sara’s Monday posts. And throughout the month, don´t forget to use the hashtag to connect with other writers, have writing parties, and cheer one another on!

How did I do?

Hmmm I had a wonderful weekend in France but the trip there took a bit longer than planned…so no writing time for me. But I enjoyed the time with my family and ate a lot of yummy food. The rest of the week was productive and even the drive to France included brainstorming with my husband…

  • Did a lot of plotting this week…
  • Wrote 2000 words in my new YA contemporary: ALWAYS SECOND BEST (yay! new words!)
  • Worked out two times (I had planned two so :-))
  • Wrote or revised 4 days during the week (yay!)

What are my goals for this week?

  • I will need to edit, edit, edit and edit this week. My wonderful editor is sending me back my manuscript with I’m sure very helpful notes.
  • Write 2000  words in my YA contemporary
  • Work out 3 times this week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)
  • Write or revise 5 days this week

Can’t wait to cheer you on! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Brainstorming, drafting and working out…#WriterRecharge Update Three!”

  1. Your goals totally blow me away, Elodie! Your dedication is such an inspiration. And there’s nothing like a road trip for brainstorming. Love it! Best of luck meeting your impressive goals this week!

  2. You may not have written as much as you hoped, but at least you’re trying to make the most of the opportunities you have, Elodie. Using the travel time to brainstorm with hubby was clearly a great idea. All the best with your goals for this week! 🙂

  3. Awesome goals as usual, Elodie. I’m sure you’ll rock them! And yay for editor notes — I bet you’re so excited to incorporate them into your story. Best of luck getting everything done this week!

  4. Visiting France sounds like a wonderful distraction. Good luck on your word count and exercise goals! I’m also hoping to work out 3 times this week since I’ve been more sporadic about exercising given the bad weather this winter.

  5. Yay for new words! And sounds like you had a wonderful week! Good luck with your goals this week, Elodie! And thank you for all your cheerleading! Go, ELODIE, GO!

  6. Awesome work on your goals! I’ve had such a blast doing this with all of you this month–thanks for bringing me in. 🙂 Also–your husband’s brainstorming sounds a lot like mine. Ha 🙂 Good luck this week!

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