Drafting, revising and working out…#WriterRecharge Update One!

Writer Recharge

If you want to learn more about #WriterRecharge, just click here. The short story: brainchild of Sara Biren, it´s a way to keep motivated during the month of February.  Your hosts and cheerleaders: Katy UppermanAlison MillerLiz Parker,  Sara Biren and me. Every Monday in February, update your progress via your blog or twitter. Link your blog posts at Sara’s Monday posts. And throughout the month, don´t forget to use the hashtag to connect with other writers, have writing parties, and cheer one another on!

How did I do during my first week?

Honestly, WriterRecharge kept me motivated. Waking up to tweets of people encouraging one another is pretty awesome and did push me. So, THANK YOU!

  • Revised 1 and 1/2 chapters of my YA thriller: DADDY´S LITTLE GIRL (a bit less than planned but progress nonetheless)
  • Wrote 1500 words in my new YA contemporary: ALWAYS SECOND BEST (yay! new words!)
  • Worked out three times (I had planned two so :-))
  • Wrote or revised 5 days during the week (yay!)

What are my goals for this week?

  • Revise two chapter of my YA thriller
  • Write 2000  words in my YA contemporary
  • Work out 3 times this week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)
  • Write or revise 4 days this week

Can’t wait to cheer you on! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Drafting, revising and working out…#WriterRecharge Update One!”

  1. WOW! You did a wonderful job! I wish you all the revising and writing and exercising successes this week too! Go, Elodie, GO!

  2. Awesome work on meeting your goals this past week. I always see you hopping on Twitter right as I’m going to sleep, but hopefully we’ll be able to catch each other sometime this week 🙂

  3. I love that you included exercise in your #WriterRecharge goals. What a great idea! And awesome job getting so much done over the last week. You are an inspiration, friend!

  4. I love that you are working on two projects simultaneously. I’m still not so good at that; usually one project is on hold while I work on another. I commend your workout goals. Usually I make it to my Monday night class at the gym, which I love, but I have to really work in other days during the week.

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