What´s Up Wednesday

What´s Up Wednesday?

What´s up Wednesday is the brainchild of Jaime and Erin.  Here´s what Jaime said about it:

It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you.
What I´m reading
I finished reading STOLEN last week and I need to write a review of this book. Between the setting, the characters, the plot, the way the sentences are structured, the voice and the emotions, I have a lot to say…And as Katy wrote yesterday, it´s really important to prop the books we love, especially those that may not have had tons of marketing behind them. She said it much more eloquently than me here.
Yesterday I started FAKING IT by Cora Carmack. And…I read the entire book. This was made possible by my wonderful husband who told me “You need to take it easy tonight”. Full review to come on that book too 🙂
What I’m Writing
I´m re-reading my first draft and leaving comments to myself (trying to be nice to First Draft Me) so I can be ready to revise as of next week.
In case you haven´t seen it, we have a fun Summer Writing Intensive planned (Alison has the best ideas :-))…All details by clicking on the lovely button created by Erin. You´ll be able to sign up next week. Yay!
ready set write button
What else I´ve been up to
Planning our next vacation. Going to visit family and we´re going to spend a week in Tuscany, by the beach…Exciting!
I´ve also had a small mole removed yesterday (that´s why hubby told me to rest, I do have a big bandade on my jaw :P). This isn´t my first one removed and it won´t be my last. So far, none came back as malignant, some were “active”. And this is my time to please remind you to go get your skin checked regularly. It´s important.

What inspires me right now

Christa wrote a wonderful and honest post (which let´s face it, she always does) on life as a writer: The Things They Don´t Tell You.  It´s another one of those posts that I´m bookmarking to come back to when I feel the need to remind myself I´m not alone.

This news! Nikki was part of my team during Pitch Wars and I´m so excited for her!

THE HIT LIST is on Goodreads! goodreads.com/book/show/1803…

And of course….This:

ready set write button

So, tell me what´s up?


25 thoughts on “What´s Up Wednesday?”

  1. Sorry about the mole removing, but I’m glad they caught it early. A friend has been having a bunch removed in case they become cancerous (he just recovered from another kind of cancer, sigh…at 22). I also have yet to read STOLEN – I just can’t seem to do it….I went to Australia the year the book came out and was terrified some dude was going to kidnap me and take me to the Outback like Gemma. But I must get over this silly notion and READ that book!!!! 😛 Have fun in Tuscany, Elodie – sounds like it will be a great time 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachel 🙂 I’ll have the results soon but I’m pretty sure it will be benign. Sorry about your friend! Glad he’s recovering! You should definitely read Stolen.. It’s such a reading experience! How is your revision going?

  2. Sorry about the mole, hope you’re feeling better now. I’m glad you had a good book to keep you company, I’m looking forward to hearing more about FAKING IT in your review!

  3. Sorry about the mole. Hope you had a great night sleep and woke up feeling better.
    I’ve got a copy of Faking It at BEA last Sat – when I’m doing with the books I need to read right now (I explain this on my post =P), I’ll be reading that one 😉
    Yay, have fun in Tuscany!
    Hm, Christa’s post sounds interesting … gonna read it asap!

    1. Thanks Juliana 🙂 FAKING IT was great 🙂 looking forward to knowing what you think 🙂 we’re going to Tuscany in August… So excited! Hope you’re doing well!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better, and that you took it easy with a good book. 🙂 Have fun on your vacation–I’d love to visit Tuscany. Please take lots of pictures!

    1. Taking it easy was definitely the right decision yesterday and reading a contemporary romance exactly what the doctor prescribed! 🙂 We’re going to Tuscany in August and I’m very much looking forward to it 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

  5. That new vacation you’re planning sounds SO GOOD! How wonderful would that be? I’d love to see Tuscany one day. 🙂 I was inspired by Christa’s post too, especially the section about writing being a lonely venture and blathering like a fool when you get out around other people. Yep, that’s me. Looking forward to getting started on Ready. Set. WRITE! and finally finishing this rewrite once and for all!

  6. Hooray for supporting the books we love. Stolen was a really fascinating read for me. I felt like the author took the reader on a journey with that book. An unexpected one, but a really cool one.

  7. I’ve heard such good things about Stolen–I must bump that up the list. Glad you were able to rest and recuperate after your procedure, and glad you had such a fun book to read while you did! Also, Tuscany sounds amazing–what a great trip to look forward to!

  8. That’s the second time I’ve read about FAKING IT today!!! I think that’s a sign I need to bump it up on my TBR list!

    And your vacation sounds like heaven. Tuscan beach. I’m so jealous…

    Glad to hear all went well with your procedure yesterday – and yes, it’s oh, so important to get checked on a regular basis!

    I’m headed over to check out Christa’s post now – thanks so much for sharing it.

    Happy Wednesday, Elodie!

  9. Um…I still need to read LOSING IT. It’s on my TBR, I promise! But I’ve heard so many awesome things. And YAY!!!!! for Ready. Set. WRITE!!! I can’t wait to get started!

  10. I loved Christa’s post too. She’s always so thoughtful and honest and eloquent. Can’t wait to read your review of STOLEN, and can’t wait to dive into Ready. Set. Write!

  11. Yeaaaah first drafts… they’re always an interesting read. You have moments of “wow, that’s awful!” but then there are those fantastic and exciting times when you read something and you feel like you’re the best writer to ever grace the face of Planet Earth!

  12. A week in Tuscany sounds amazing! I would LOVE to go there someday! That’s good news that your mole wasn’t malignant. Hope your jaw isn’t too sore. And definitely be nice to First Draft You. Making it through the first draft of a story is a huge accomplishment and one that deserves a pat on the back!

  13. I’m glad your skin is ok! You’re reminding me that I need to make a dermatologist. 🙂

    Good luck on your revisions! I’m so excited for Ready. Set. Write!

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