I´m a terrible blogger – but look: shiny links!

Dear all,

We have to talk. This is not a break-up letter. Don´t worry. However, you may have noticed that my blogging has been…hmm…quite sporadic recently. The main reason is that I´m spending every single free minute I have with ONE TWO THREE (and on Twitter :P) As soon as I know for sure my manuscript is as pretty as I can make it, I will be back on a more regular basis and with fun things (like a giveaway or two :P)

But…I do continue to read blogs and I thought I´d share a few with you in case you missed them in the past weeks…

February Compliment Challenge – Where you challenge yourself to compliment one person a day and where incredibly nice and generous Jessica donates to classroom in needs. Intrigued? Ready to spread the love? Then don´t hesitate to head over Jessica´s blog and check it out.


The post where Christa announced her second book BLEED LIKE ME sold (you can already add it on by clicking on the title)…If you haven´t read her conversation with her agent, Sarah LaPolla, you should! It will make you smile and go “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww” for Christa. Because she´s awesome. And because her story sounds great. And because that particular retelling of the phone call is just funny/adorable/so her.


This video by Kelsey made me smile, laugh and nod!


Did you see the adorable group picture on Jaime´s blog from SCBWI? And she and her sister, Erin, made it to the agents´ round of Cupid’s Literary Connection’s Blind Speed Dating! If you read Jaime´s entry, you´ll see what wonderful writing I get to read 😀


And then there´s this inspiring post by Alex on multicultural stories. She´s definitely taking the high road in her answer to some comments she received.


If you love YA contemporary novels, both Katy and Jessica Love are recommending two this week and they sound amazing!


Rebecca Behrens is giving away a copy of THE ART OF WISHING. This book sounds great! You have until the 11th of February to enter!


Do you need a pep talk? Head over to Tracey´s blog!  Her motivational penguin isn´t the only reason why this post will lift your spirits, it will also remind you YOU CAN DO IT! 😀

Have a lovely weekend and “see you” very soon!


8 thoughts on “I´m a terrible blogger – but look: shiny links!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Elodie! 🙂 Sounds like you’re hard at work with One, Two, Three. Are you still querying while you’re working on it? I’m about to query some more again soon. O__O

  2. Thanks for sharing my review link, lady!

    How fun are Kelsey’s videos? I am loving her new vlog series. And yay for Christa and BLEED LIKE ME! I had the privilege of reading that story in its early days and it totally blew me away.

  3. I think taking a little break from blogging to work hard on a manuscript is a top-notch excuse… one that I am currently employing, as well. 🙂 Thanks for all the interesting links! I especially like the story on Christa Desir’s blog. So funny! Good luck with ONE TWO THREE.

  4. You’re not a terrible blogger at all! (or, if you are, I am, too!) Slowing down is okay–especially if it’s to work on writing. Thanks for sharing all the great links. 🙂

  5. Haha – Alison is a HORRIBLE blogger, but – like you – I have been reading blogs while trying to revise my ms into something query-able. And thanks for the shiny links! I LOVE Jessica’s compliment challenge!

    Hope ONE, TWO, THREE revisions are going well! Can’t wait to hear more about it! And have a wonderful week!

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