Happy Friday, reading

Happy Friday #34 – My hubby, my writer friends, PitchWars and other stories…

Yay, it´s time for Happy Friday 😀 Looking forward to know what made you smile this week!

A lot of things to make me smile this week….So excuse this SUPER DUPER long post!

My husband is back!

Dear Hubby had to travel to Brazil (I know poor poor him) for 3 weeks for business. And he came back yesterday. Three weeks is long! I think I pretty much danced around for a few minutes and was totally like a kid on Christmas day…

My writer friends

 Really ❤ them! Several of them received an email full of confusing thoughts and questions from me on Wednesday, and as always, I´m amazed at their support, their encouragement and just the fact that they “get” me. I really wish we could all hang out one day.


Alternate - PitchWars

See? See? I know, right!!! Being chosen as an alternate is amazing, and I met a lot of wonderful people through this contest. Plus I received interesting feedback, which I now need to reflect on before deciding on my next move. On top of that…the alternates will also get some exposure. Our pitches will be online as well, and even though the agents don´t have to check them out, it´s still exciting. And? Have you seen who´s teamed up with the wonderful Dahlia? The lovely GHENET 😀 😀 😀 Again, congrats!!! So happy for you!



GILTKip reviewed that book not too long ago, and I´ve been wanting to read a historical YA for awhile now. I picked it up and WOW, I loved it! I might even do a proper review at some point soon.Really, I fell for the characters, the setting was vivid, and the story itself breathtaking!

Happy for Juliana: Have you seen that Juliana´s novella  Her Heart´s Secret Wish was released on Wednesday? No?  Do you want to read something cute and steamy and perfect for the holidays? You should check out Juliana´s post about her first book here.

So, tell me, what made YOU smile this week?


12 thoughts on “Happy Friday #34 – My hubby, my writer friends, PitchWars and other stories…”

  1. Ooh–this is a particularly happy Friday! Congrats on Pitch Wars, yay for GILT–so good, right?–and MANY yays to your husband coming home 🙂 Three weeks is WAY long. Glad he’s back 🙂

  2. Oh, awesome! Congrats to you and Ghenet! Hope you keep smiling all weekend! Also, if you want another person chiming in, feel free to email me re: writerly confusion 🙂

  3. I was so excited when I saw that you and Ghenet had both been selected for pitch wars… My friends are so talented! And yay for Juliana. HER HEART’S SECRET WISH sounds like a perfect holiday read.

    Oh, and welcome home to your hubby! I can only imagine how thrilled you must be!

  4. My hubby’s home now too! We just went to see RISE OF THE GUARDIANS this evening and that is making me smile right now. Congrats again on the Pitch Wars thing. 🙂

  5. Congrats on pitch wars! I was selected as an alternate, too – very exciting! 🙂 I keep looking at Gilt – such a lovely cover. Maybe it’s time to actually pick it up…good luck with your novel!

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