Books, books, books…

A while back, YA highway and a lot of wonderful bloggers decided to share their shelves.I´m a tad late to the party, but here are mine (plus some other places I seem to think books are absolutely needed).

Books - everywhere
Books – everywhere

What is the most original place for your books?


9 thoughts on “Books, books, books…”

  1. I have books all over my house, including inside cloth bags. I can tote them anywhere. My faves are easily accessible this way and ready to pick up and throw in the car in the case of an evacuation. We get those sometimes during hurricane season in Florida and my favorite books are coming with me.

  2. My bookshelves stayed in Brazil when I moved back to the US in March. I plan on bringing them here someday, but, m, books are heavy lol
    I’m starting a new one here, but it’s going slow, since I read mostly on my kindle now.
    Yours look very full though. Nice 😉

  3. Thanks for the peek at your shelves! Hopefully when I move in the new year (within NYC), I’ll have a bit more space and can squeeze in more shelves. Right now a lot of my books are piled on the floor and in my closet. At least I haven’t had to store them in the oven (yet)!

  4. It’s fun sneaking a peek at everyone’s shelves. 🙂 Mine are mostly contained to the shelves in my office, but there sure are a lot of them!

  5. Love it! There’s a story in my family of when my grandparents were first married and living in their new house with built-in shelves, they spend the weekends looking for cheap, attractive books to fill them (no matter the content, they just wanted to have something that looked nice on the shelves!) My mother is getting bookshelves installed at her new house now, and is already talking about having to do the same thing. I JUST DON’T GET IT. How can your problem be too many shelves, not enough books? In our old apartment, we had fairly deep windowsills, all of which functioned as runover bookshelves. As did the dresser. And the desk. Even here, every shelf is full, and there are little stacks here and there on various end tables and things. And there will still be boxes and boxes in the closets!

  6. I love how you framed your photos in LOVE!

    We have a house full of bookshelves, plus boxes of books in closets. My husband and I like to call ourselves “collectors.” (You know, instead of the less flattering “hoarders.” ;-))

  7. Oooo, I like the blue shelves! We pretty much have books in every room of the house, but I think the most unique place is probably the built in china cabinet in our dining room. Why would I display dishes when I can display books instead, right?

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