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Happy Dance Monday

I simply cannot wait until my Happy Friday post to share some of my weekend smiles…

First there was this:

Evening with friends – bringing them some French wine 😀

Then this:

A little bit of sport. Hubby and I are not that good but we have fun!

 But especially there was this:

Yay! I was one of the lucky three winners of the query contest of Taryn (Queroine extraordinaire as I now like to call her or as she puts on her blog: writer, reader, lit agency intern, and freelance editor). Her comments as I mentioned on Friday were spot on. The winners get to send her 10 pages for her to give feedback on.

I sent those pages to her on Saturday morning and have already had two dreams about her answer to them…Yes I may be a tad nervous.

AND! (yes there is an AND :D) I also edited/revised my novel this weekend based on Jaime aka Amazing CP’s suggestions and comments. I added several scenes and changed the ending a little bit. I am currently reading it on my Kindle and I think, I really think that it will soon be ready for beta-readers!!!

So tell me, how was your weekend?


20 thoughts on “Happy Dance Monday”

  1. Congrats on winning the query contest–Taryn is awesome! I’d love to beta-read when the time comes, so let me know if you need more readers. 🙂

    1. Thanks!!!! 😀 I definitely think I will take you up on your offer! I’ll wait for Taryn’s feedback on the first ten pages and probably will be ready then 😀 so very very soon!

      Thanks so much for asking!

    1. Thanks Meredith! It was really a wonderful weekend 😀 Hope you had a blast too! The pictures on Instagram were really nice! 😀

    1. Thanks 😀 It was quite a wonderful weekend 😀 I’m glad you got an entire day dedicated to writing! It must have been very nice too!

  2. That does sound like a great weekend! Once again, I’m glad that the suggestions were helpful. I haven’t even taken a look at my WIP this weekend–I’ve been too busy with hubby home for a couple of days and having my parents come visit, and just life I guess. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing what Taryn has to say.

    1. It was quite wonderful 😀 An evening with friends is always fun and tennis always makes me laugh even if hubby and I get a bit competitive. Which is even funnier since we’re not that good 😀

      It sounds like you had a very nice time too! It’s important to spend time with our families and friends too and then you”ll get back to your WiP all recharged 😀

    1. Thanks Rebecca! 😀

      I cannot wait to see more pictures of your wedding and holiday! Glad you’re back on the Twitter world and blogosphere though 😀

  3. I forget if I congratulated you on the contest win–that’s really awesome. Your weekend sounds fabulous–we had some friends over too, to help us drink up the random bottles of wine we had lying around, so we didn’t have to pack them for our move! (Extra wine is a great problem to have.) However, the only sports we took part in were the Olympics–from our couch! Well done you two, actually getting out and playing!

    1. Thank you so very much Katy! 😀 *blushing* It only stood out thanks to Taryn’s suggestions to the first version and I am so very grateful for her comments. Can’t wait to hear what she thinks about my first 10 pages. My goal is to start querying in September. I have one month to polish my WiP 😀

    1. Thanks Peggy 😀 If I’m ever in your corner of the world, we totally should go play tennis, and have fun 😀 (even if we’re not that great!)

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