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Road trip – Honeymoon pictures…

During our road trip, I took about 1600 pictures. Yep. 1600. I didn´t think anybody (except me and maybe the hubby) would go through that many pictures so here is a selection of my favorite honeymoon pictures (only 42 :D)

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So, tell me, where did you go (or would like to go to) for your honeymoon?


18 thoughts on “Road trip – Honeymoon pictures…”

  1. Great pics, Elodie. 🙂 The hubby and I were on a tight budget for our wedding, so we went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Not all that glamorous, but it was the first of many great trips for us. I guess you could say, our trip to Scotland was like the honeymoon we wish we’d had. 😀

    1. Thanks Jaime! Disneyland also sounds like fun! 😀 Do you have pictures of this trip? I bet you had a great time! And your trip to Scotland sounded amazing! Glad you got to enjoy it!

  2. Lovely pictures, Elodie! My wife and I went to York, England for our honeymoon. It’s a beautiful, historic city, and we had a blast. We didn’t get to our hotel until after 10pm, but they had a platter of sandwiches and a bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room. 🙂

    1. Thanks Colin 😀 Your trip to England does sound like a fantastic one as well. I’m sure you have wonderful memories of it (like the one of the platter of sandwiches and Champagne :D)

  3. What fun pictures! It looks like you guys have a fantastic time. I never got to go on a honeymoon so I am envious! (;

    1. Thanks Elise 😀 We really did have a wonderful time! Are you planning on a special trip soon (even if it’s not a honeymoon?) 😀

  4. You took some amazing pictures! My husband and I went to San Francisco and Napa in California for our honeymoon. There was lots of yummy food and wine involved, so we were excited. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ghenet 😀 I love taking pictures, somewhat of a hobby photographer if you will 😀 Yummy food and wine is always a plus! San Franciscou and Napa also sound great (didn’t you share some pictures on your blog earlier?)

  5. Love it! The one with the shadows on the beach is really cute. We went to Dublin for a few days, and then on to Killarney, with a day trip from Killarney out to the farm where my great-grandmother grew up. Her sister-in-law was still living there, so I met my great-great-aunt and her granddaughter, my (I think) second cousin once removed. Then we brought back tons of pictures to show my (then 105-year-old) great-grandmother, and we got to hear her stories about the farm. That was really special, especially since she passed away about six months later. I’m really glad my husband got to know her and hear her tell her story.

    1. Thanks 😀 Your honeymoon sounds amazing! All those memories and family history are always wonderful to share and I’m so happy for you that you got to hear all those stories from your great-grandmother too! I keep very fond memories of mine and I am so happy I got to know her 😀

  6. What fun! We were married when I was 18 & he was 20 so our honeymoon consisted of 2 nights at a Holiday Inn on the water:-) Not like we would’ve gotten out of our room much back then anyways! Next year will be our 15th wedding anniversary and are planning our dream vacay to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand . . . w/ the 2 kids.

    1. 😀 Two nights at a Holiday Inn on the water also sounds great (especially as you mentioned, probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the scenery anyways 😀 😀 :D) Your dream vacation sounds AMAZING! And what a wonderful way to celebrate 15 years!

  7. Fantastic photos! I especially like the shadows on the beach – very cute! I also liked the puddle picture and the reflection in the sunglasses.

    We had an unofficial honeymoon at my parents’ cottage for a week after our wedding, then spent a week at my aunt & uncle’s cabin for another week. Our first Christmas we spent two weeks in Hawaii, where my new husband nearly drowned! At least it was memorable! lol

  8. Your honeymoon looks like a blast! I bet you didn’t run out of places to go, at the very least.

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