Dreaming of a writing retreat…

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic.

This Week’s Topic:
Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring?
I was talking about this with my hubby not too long ago…so it’s quite a timely post 🙂
I currently write in the train while I commute or on the week-ends at home but if I could, I would fly to the US and hide myself there:
 I would book myself a room in a Bed and Breakfast or a little place close to the sea.  I would only bring my laptop and my kindle. I would go for long walks on “Singing beach”, listen to the sand under my feet and feel the salty breeze on my face. I would sit next to the window or in a little coffee shop and write.
Why would I go there you may wonder?
I fell in love with that area when now-hubby and I went for a romantic week-end in Sandwich, MA in a great Bed and Breakfast (I can only recommend it: Isaiah Jones Bed and Breakfast).
Plus, my WIP takes place in Manchester-By-The Sea 🙂
What would be YOUR dream writing retreat?

49 thoughts on “Dreaming of a writing retreat…”

  1. Manchester-by-the-Sea! I almost spewed my beverage when I read that. I used to live down the road in Magnolia, MA. How weird is that? The seaside is an amazing place to write, no doubt about it. And I love Singing Beach!!

    1. OMG! What a coincidence! :-))) Singing Beach just sounded so beautiful and mysterious when I started researching places, i had to let my characters get to know it :-)))

  2. My dream writing space… this is a tough one. I can write almost anywhere, but something like you said up there would be most excellent. I love New England and desperately want to visit it some day. Alternatively I think Ireland or Scotland would be fun as well. Somewhere by the sea with some day trips to see some castles. Bliss! ❤

  3. I can understand going somewhere because your WIP is set there, to capture the atmosphere and get a sense of the geography. I’m not sure I could do more than take notes, though. I’d be too busy being a tourist. 🙂

  4. That sounds perfect 🙂 My choice was by the sea as well, but the North Sea in Scotland. There’s something about the sound of water and the solitude of these types of places, isn’t there. Great choice! 🙂

  5. Being a resident Massachuian (this is not a word we use but it sounds funny to say aloud…go ahead, I’ll wait… 😛 ), I can attest that we do have some -amazing- locales. Our beaches are pretty snazzy and diverse. We’ve got the big-rock beaches and you’ve got the sandy beaches. We’ve got some incredibly historical and damn haunting parks and landmarks as well. It’s a writer’s dream to live here. Glad to see it’s not just my bias!

    1. That word sounds totally cool :-))
      I have to agree that you´re not bias…I love this region and really wish I could just magically transport myself there from times to times…

  6. Back when I wrote my very first draft of Spirits, I wanted to visit the places it’s set in: Spain, Jamaica, Antigua, and New Bedford, R.I. Now that I’m more realistic, I would still like to visit those places, but it no longer hinges on me selling/publishing my book!

    1. Thanks Angelica 🙂
      I think for me this area stirred up creativity when I first visited it and now I would love to go back…I don´t know if it´s the beach, the little streets, the atmosphere 🙂 By the way Spirits sounds quite intriguing with all the places you instilled in it!

  7. Oh, that looks LOVELY! I’ve always been a “mountain” person, but there’s something about B&Bs by the sea that just scream “Writing Retreat!!!”

  8. I would have a two places to retreat: a home on a tropical island where I could open the windows and hear the surf pounding the shore, the seagulls squawking overhead, and warm seabreezes flowing through open windows.


    A beautiful log home in the mountains overlooking a lake. Either one would be heaven.

    By the way, I love your blog so much, I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. You can find the link at http://jennykellerford.wordpress.com. Thank you for all you do and have a wonderful year. I look forward to more of your posts.

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