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Déjà Vu Blogfest: A picture is worth a thousand words…

Today I am part of The Déjà Vu Blogfest , where we bring back our favourite post or the one we believe may not have gotten enough attention (click on the link to see who else is participating :-)).

I decided to bring back my moonlight muse…I mean I wrote about the music muse and received quite a bit of comments. However, before I actually had followers (thanks again by the way, hug to everybody and if you´re not into hugs, I am shaking your hand very formally), I shared a picture of an evening which inspired me. Cannot wait to read  if a sun or a moon or a butterfly or a traffic jam can get  you to write or to think about the story of a book you read!

A picture is worth a thousand words…

By what do you get inspired? It is almost like asking: why are you writing?  It is difficult to grasp where the writing scenes come from…

Sometimes one can recognize in the MC´s habits, way of talking some small traits of a loved one, of an acquaintance, of somebody from the past or even of oneself.

Tonight, as I was outside looking at the moon reflecting on the water, I wondered what my main character would feel on an evening like this with everything she has been going through…

Is she thinking of Aleksi, the one who not only gives her butterflies but is no longer as mysterious as she first thought?

Is she pondering the words of Ben? Is she wondering what he meant when he said Aleksi was dangerous? How does he even know him? The guy just arrived…

Or maybe she is actually tired of the stupid drama and just wants to figure out why this entity is coming after her and her loved ones, why she has flashbacks from another time and what the heck happened to Marie and Elijah, those girls who are linked to her over the centuries?

As I type this and look at the moon, I know a scene is unfolding, I feel the pain of my character and I just want to tell her “Sorry you have to go through all of this but remember, you have it in your power to make the right decision…this time around”

And if she did hear me, her reply would be “Can´t you be a tad more specific? I mean come on people…I just cannot guess what you think, you need to spell it out for me. I am tired of this!” and she would storm out.

She does have a little temper of her own…(my husband would say I am projecting :-))

Do moonlights inspire you or remind you of a book you´ve read?


15 thoughts on “Déjà Vu Blogfest: A picture is worth a thousand words…”

  1. I too sometimes find myself asking “what would do in this situation?” I can’t say I’ve been particularly inspired my moonlight… but maybe I just need to stare at the moon a bit more.

    1. Thanks Colin 🙂
      I´m not sure staring at the moon more might be the answer though :-)))) Where do you have those moments when you ask yourself questions about your characters?

  2. Hey, I am from Ladies who critique. I posted to share blogs. I love you’re book idea, And this post. I’m not shore where my inspiration comes from all the time, but the moon has its ways. sometimes I can be doing some random task, driving in the car, painting, or hanging out with my kids. I think about my book and new ideas and seance come to mind out of no where.

  3. Odd coincidence. I was standing on my front porch one night, looking at the full moon and the ethereal light is cast upon our neighborhood, and noticing how its glow was slightly diminishing the Christmas decorations on all of the homes. There was this one home that stood out from the rest because the owners had chosen not to decorate, and the thought came to me…what if that house was empty…and the reason it was empty was because a mass murderer used to live there.

    Yep…that’s now part of my novel. 🙂

  4. Hi commutinggirl! I’m part of the blogfest, too. (I think it’s going to take me months to try and read everyone’s posts, and then comment!) I’m not reading them in any particular order…..mostly which ones had blog names that intrigued me. Anyway….loved your post. I love the moon, too, of course, but a lot of my writing is inspired by my day-time walks. If I weren’t also walking my dog, holding his leash, and the “potty” bag, I’d be carrying a small tablet to jot down thoughts that pop into my head. Plus, I’d take a camera for those sights I’d love to record! Great to meet you!

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