Winter impressions…

Photography is one of my hobbies…I can get lost in the moment trying to find an angle, a light, a message in nature or in people´s eyes. It´s been awhile since I found the time to actually venture out with my camera. Below you will see some winter impressions from the past years (when we actually had a little bit of snow).

But as always, I´m curious: what is your hobby?

And because there is always hot spiced wine 🙂


8 thoughts on “Winter impressions…”

  1. Beautiful ambiance in your photos.

    One of my hobbies is making personalised aromatherapy blends for friends and this year I actually attended an afternoon Christmas Fair and so made some more general blends (blending spiritual, energetic and aromatic properties of the oils) and came up with blends like ‘Awaken the Muse’ , ‘Love Me Tender’, ‘Wild Woman’ and ‘Enlighten Me’, a lot of fun and people love them 🙂

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