Writing and The Seven Dwarfs…

First of all: Joyeux anniversaire, Maman! 🙂 (I know she is a lurker sometimes…)

Now off to the topic, we are all moody. We can not be sunshines 100% of the time (I try, I really try), we are sometimes angry, sometimes tired, sometimes shy, sometimes just happy. That is what makes us likable people 🙂

As writers, we also go through different stages and that´s when Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs came to my mind…Here is my take on the Seven Dwarfs and writing : (and I´m looking forward to know YOUR mood today, writing or not-writing related)

Doc: That´s when I am in the researching mode, trying to make sure that some historical elements in my novel are correct, that the setting is right (and I do wear glasses when I am working on the computer :-))

Grumpy: When I´m stuck or when I feel like a sentence, an entire part of a character could be much better but at that particular, it is just not happening. Or when I don´t have room in the train to write or…or… I do have some grumpy moments 🙂

Sleepy: When I get up earlier to get a few words out or to try to keep my working-out schedule (I can hear my husband laugh but I DO try to exercise). When I am in the train during the evening just wanting to close my eyes but that I know I need to write ´cos that may be the only time I really have to do so.

Bashful: This is me talking about my writing with people I know. Only a selected few are aware that I am working on a novel, that is one of my passion. That will also probably be me once I start looking for a beta reader or crit partner…

Sneezy: That is me when I am getting distracted by my environment, when I can not get into the writing process…

Dopey: I get Dopey-like when I am super excited about something going on in my novel or in the books I am reading. I don´t care if I look silly, it´s just the way I feel and it is usually a great feeling 🙂

Happy: This one comes around the most often. I usually am in the happy place when I write, when I talk about writing, when I discover that my plot is getting even more intriguing or when my characters feel like they come to life. I am also happy when I read and reading is crucial to my writing. Without loving books, I probably would not be trying to write one myself 🙂 Oh and I do happy dances for others, when I hear about publishing, getting an agent, finishing a draft…you get the picture.

Today I am Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy but that´s because I am not feeling well so I do get distracted and annoyed.

So now tell me, what is YOUR mood today (writing or non-writing related)?


22 thoughts on “Writing and The Seven Dwarfs…”

  1. Haha – I love this! I will now think of Grumpy’s hilarious face whenever I get in a mood, and it will cheer me right up I think. I’m glad to hear Happy happens most often for you — that’s definitely how writing and reading should be! It’s what I feel right now, though with more than a hint of Sleepy.

  2. Excellent post, and a clever prompt. I tend to be of a Happy disposition most of the time, and also Sleepy because I’m not a morning person but I’m forced to be because of work. I’m also feeling a little Dopey today because I couldn’t come up with five Christmas stories for today’s Friday Fives at Paper Hangover, so I had to do my own! I like what I did, but I would have preferred to be able to participate. :\

  3. I love this! Right now I’m Doc because I’m in full revision mode, but I’m also Happy because this is my final revision before I submit to my agent and I’m happy about where this manuscript is now.

  4. Today is a Grumpy day.

    Although that probably has more to do with my current state of annoyance than it does with my story. Why can’t I be one of those escapist writers who functions best on a day like today?

  5. This is awesome. I usually write Happy or sometimes Doc but I always find I have to walk away from the computer when I’m writing Grumpy. 😉

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