Writing and The Seven Dwarfs…

First of all: Joyeux anniversaire, Maman! 🙂 (I know she is a lurker sometimes…)

Now off to the topic, we are all moody. We can not be sunshines 100% of the time (I try, I really try), we are sometimes angry, sometimes tired, sometimes shy, sometimes just happy. That is what makes us likable people 🙂

As writers, we also go through different stages and that´s when Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs came to my mind…Here is my take on the Seven Dwarfs and writing : (and I´m looking forward to know YOUR mood today, writing or not-writing related)

Doc: That´s when I am in the researching mode, trying to make sure that some historical elements in my novel are correct, that the setting is right (and I do wear glasses when I am working on the computer :-))

Grumpy: When I´m stuck or when I feel like a sentence, an entire part of a character could be much better but at that particular, it is just not happening. Or when I don´t have room in the train to write or…or… I do have some grumpy moments 🙂

Sleepy: When I get up earlier to get a few words out or to try to keep my working-out schedule (I can hear my husband laugh but I DO try to exercise). When I am in the train during the evening just wanting to close my eyes but that I know I need to write ´cos that may be the only time I really have to do so.

Bashful: This is me talking about my writing with people I know. Only a selected few are aware that I am working on a novel, that is one of my passion. That will also probably be me once I start looking for a beta reader or crit partner…

Sneezy: That is me when I am getting distracted by my environment, when I can not get into the writing process…

Dopey: I get Dopey-like when I am super excited about something going on in my novel or in the books I am reading. I don´t care if I look silly, it´s just the way I feel and it is usually a great feeling 🙂

Happy: This one comes around the most often. I usually am in the happy place when I write, when I talk about writing, when I discover that my plot is getting even more intriguing or when my characters feel like they come to life. I am also happy when I read and reading is crucial to my writing. Without loving books, I probably would not be trying to write one myself 🙂 Oh and I do happy dances for others, when I hear about publishing, getting an agent, finishing a draft…you get the picture.

Today I am Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy but that´s because I am not feeling well so I do get distracted and annoyed.

So now tell me, what is YOUR mood today (writing or non-writing related)?

writing, ya

RTW: How far would you go?

Another long day, about to get myself settle with a book and a cup of tea but I could not pass up on Road Trip Wednesday 🙂

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic.

This Week’s Topic:

How far would you go to get published?

When I first read the topic, my thoughts started to wonder and the first images which flashed in front of my eyes came from movies:

The Devil´s Advocate and The Devil wears Prada (wonderful movies by the way :-))

So, how far would I go so that my dreams come true? My name on a beautiful cover, billions (yes billions :-)) of readers to hold a hard copy or paperback of the story I have written?

Would I be willing to basically sell myself and who I am to get published: no. I have learned to trust my instincts and I have a wonderful husband to get me grounded if things get out of hands and I get blinded.

However, when it comes to the following baseball bases (not a big baseball fan but still: Go Orioles!), here is my view:

First base: I may or may not do this. The way I am currently writing, it is taking me awhile to finish the draft so it might be trendy by the time I tried to query it. Would I then try to see what the next trend might be? Probably but I will only write it if I am inspired which means I like the trend…so I would not call that selling my soul to the ennemy

Second base: (ok here for a second it sounds like we´re talking about making out in High School :-)) would I change voice? Yes again probably, I do enjoy reading many genres and if may try my “writing” hand at another genre if I feel it´s right for me (i.e. I am not writing total crap)

Third base: Minor revisions? It is a no-brainer! I know my writing is not 100% perfect and I always strive to improve it. I´m all for my story becoming even better thanks to those revisions.

Homerun: Major revisions? Ok here it´s a bit like talking about the definition of the word “culture”, there are thousands out there. If by major revisions, it means going with a different ending but one that I can agree with, yes it will be difficult but I might do it. Major revisions include things I can not put myself through then the answer is “no”.

So you might notice a trend in my answers and I´m sure many others (from writers published and non-published alike): yes, probably would do it but….and the but is what matters so that we can continue to look at ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day.

Tell me, what do you think either about the movies or the actual question :-)? How far would you go?