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No more excuses…a scary thought

I commute. Every day I spend more than 2 hours in public transportation. I mostly can not write in the train because it is way too crowded. However, this will change and I am facing a “no more excuses” wall.

Let me introduce you to “Commuting just became more productive” aka my new netbookIt´s scary but it´s exhilarating at the same time: I invested in my writing. I will also get monthly tickets a tad more expensive that my current ones but which should secure a seat.  I will at least have 4 more hours a week to actually work on my novel (I cannot totally give up on the reading time ;-)).

I have to admit that it makes me a bit anxious, what if I realize that this extra time does not help cos I just get stuck? But as with anything writing-related, I quiet the little worry voice in my head and just take the plunge!

12 thoughts on “No more excuses…a scary thought”

  1. Congrats on getting your notebook. I have a netpad (a little notebook) i absolutelly love it, it’s so easy to just pick up and take anywhere. It will definatelly make a difference to your writing, are you going to get the internet on it too?

    I agree, you cant give up totally on reading time, i love reading on the train, i also love watching people read: their facial expressions, and the accidental words they speak to the characters, also just to see what people are reading – I’m a people watcher 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 I do hope it is going to help with my writing…it is also a little notebook so very easy to just take with me 🙂 I also enjoy watching people read…but I do sometimes get myself so lost in a book that I had tears coming to my eyes. I had to look around to make sure nobody had caught my sniffles :-)))

  2. Hey, that’s great! My experience is that extra time never manages to pan out quite as much in my writing as I expect, but it does help a lot, especially if I can make it a routine. Congratulations on your netbook, and good luck with your writing!

    1. Thanks 🙂 the routine helps me as well so I hope to get one down by the end of the month. I am quite excited…just about to use it for the first time in the train…I am having a bout of stage fright 🙂

  3. I did the very same thing a few years ago and it made a world of difference. At first, it was hard to write on the train with all the distractions, but I soon learned to block them out.

    Good luck with your writing.

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