Week 44 – A little about me…and a poll

This blog is now over a month old…(Hmm I should have made some birthday scones for it).

Thank you to everybody who is reading, commenting, passing by…You all make my day 🙂

I realized though that in the past month, I did not say much about myself (well except the fact that I commute, that I write and that I am a junkie for books) so here is a little tiny bit about who I am:

  •  I am 30 years old
  •  I am happily married to the love of my life and my best friend
  • I have wonderful friends and family
  • I like all sorts of foods (from fast foods to gourmet restaurants) and I do try my hand at cooking
  • I try to work out (here note the emphasizis on try) When I do, I like running, swimming and ballet.
  • I am a big movie and tv fan
  • I love karaoke (it does not mean I am good at it though)
  • I enjoy poker nights with friends (I am much better at poker than at karaoke)
  • My drinks of choice: margarita on the rocks with salt or a glass of red wine
  • I miss playing the piano and volleyball
  • One of my hobbies: photography
  • Little things make me happy (which I consider a gift) even though I am naturally anxious.
  • I speak 3 languages fluently (I can understand another one and have basics in Russian)

And now a little poll – let´s see if you can guess where I am from. You can comment to let me know how you found out and to tell me more about yourself 🙂


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