You got the look! or a sneak peek into my novel…

The wonderful Alex tagged me in the You Got The Look meme. Alex and I were in Mandy´s class. Her book is reminiscent of Fringe and is great! You can also follow her on Twitter….and send her encouraging words on querying (or talk to her about Joss Whedon or Les Misérables, I´m sure she´d love it!)

The rules are as follows:  Search your current WiP and find the word “look” – then post some of the lines around said word.

It fits quite nicely ´cause I have “bad-looking” in the first paragraph of the first chapter of ONE TWO THREE…That counts, right?

Chopin´s saddest prelude is the soundtrack of my life, I decide when the melody of his Prelude Opus 28 n. 4 envelops me. Some people call this piece “Suffocation”, and as a lump forms in my throat, I find it particularly fitting. Clenching my fists until my nails dig into my palms, I blink a few times to fight the tears I know will fall if I´m not careful, and stare out of the window. A few houses and a lot of trees. That´s pretty much all of Everbird, New Jersey. Lovely town. Not. It´s tiny, boring and gray. Okay, there’s a lake nearby and the old part isn´t too bad-looking. But my happy memories of Everbird date back to the summers I spent here with my babushka—my grandmother—and those were forever ago. There´s not much that can make me smile these days.

And you my dear readers are all tagged! 😀 Just let me know in the comments…so I can go and get lost in your writing.