Writer Appreciation Pledge…

As I was sitting in the train this morning, getting lost into a book, I suddenly thought about the writer who spent hours putting those words on paper, who may have doubted herself in the process, who may have overcome a lot of hurdles, querying angst and fear on how her book would be received.

I thought about how much I want readers to get lost in my books one day and how I hope my stories will make their commute or whatever else a bit easier if only for a few hours.

And then I wondered why I don’t send a thank you email to the authors of the books I love. Sure, I’ve done it once or twice but not on a regular basis.

As an author, would I want to hear what positive impact my books had? how it entertained people to the point that they missed their metro stop or simply enjoyed forgetting the time?

I think I would.

So…I decided to start a Writer Appreciation Pledge:

I, Elodie, will write an email to the authors of stories I love, even if it’s just to say ‘thank you’.

Who’s with me? I don’t have a button yet and there will be no big commitment or blog hop or anything. I simply would love to spread the word. Because after all who hasn’t already close a book and thought ‘wow’! 🙂