Spend some time with GUILTY, my YA romantic suspense novel…

The lovely Juliana tagged me in a fun writing game (and you should check out the snippet of her NA contemporary romance she shared).

Here are the rules: “Search the words “moment,” “forever,” “time,” or the like in your writing, pick your favorite chunk, post on your blog, and tag others!”

Here´s an excerpt of GUILTY, my not-yet-revised-so-please-bear-it-in-mind-as-you-read-this novel 🙂

(and don´t forget on Tuesday, you´ll be able to sign up for Ready. Set. Write!)

“Funny, I thought you argued with me you would never ever participate in this beauty contest.”  Malik falls on the chair next to mine. His camera is around his neck and as always he holds a notepad.

“And I thought you said you´d never ever cover this event for the newspaper.”

His hand covers his heart and he grimaces. “Touché. María was supposed to but she´s out sick. I had to sacrifice myself.” He glances around and smiles. “Not that I´m complaining about being backstage with all of you girls.” His dimple shows. And my stomach runs down to my ankles as my eyes lock on his lips. The only time we kissed, they tasted like beer and Cheetos.

My cell vibrates and Malik turns his attention back to me. “You´re not going to get that?”

My heart pounds. “Stupid Twitter and Facebook notifications,” I mutter as my fingers dig into my tiny purse. Without reading the  news alert, I click my cell phone back to sleep. My face flames up and I cross my fingers he can´t tell I´m lying to his face.

Did I mention this is still a draft? *glances around nervously*.

I´m tagging a few friends…Kip, Sara, Alex and Jessica S. But you´re all invited to join the fun, if you decide to share a snippet, just come back and let me know in the comments 🙂