The One With #DreamNowTravelLater or #ArmChairTravel…

This past week on Instagram, I’ve shared some travelling pictures I’ve taken some years ago and I figured maybe you too might want to do some #ArmChairTravel … One of the places I’d love to go to is Ireland. I shared a picture on my feed from another photographer (crediting him of course) and this has become one of my most liked picture. For this blog, I’m sharing his picture from a gorgeous cottage in Ireland from his account directly (in case you want to follow his Instagram account).

All the other pictures are by yours truly (Le Mont Saint-Michel, Chateau de Chantilly, Le Louvre, San Gimignano, Niagara Falls, Maine) 🙂

If you could go on a dream writing retreat, where would it be? Or which place do you really want to go visit as soon as you can?

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The One With The Bird Pictures Or Refilling the Creative Well…

Taking pictures is like telling a story: either the photographer, the subject or both.

And while I can’t count taking pictures as writing, it definitely helps fill the creative well. 🙂

And I’ve been taking quite lot of bird pictures in the past few months: from my window, my backyard and on Sunday from a park close to us…The pictures below are just a selection of the dozens and dozens of pictures I must have taken. 🙂

What do you do to refill your creative well?

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