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Don´t be scared…

That would be me hiding away on Friday after posting my draft query to be reviewed. I thought “hmm sounds good…let’s get this baby rolling”…After receiving some very constructive feedback, I realized “hmmm that sucked

The wonderful thing about feedback is that it helps to make us better and stronger. Plus, I realized there was something positive in my very crappy-I´m-even-wondering-if-I-should-not-delete-the-message-on-forum-first-query (somebody liked my voice in that mess :-))

I also appreciated something else which for somebody a tad perfectionist can be difficult: I will not be perfect at my first-go. This will take time and it’s ok. I am swimming in unknown waters. Finishing the first draft is just the first step in a looong process. On a brighter note, I started editing and even though it is kicking my butt, I can see my story getting to a better place 🙂

Now, tell me 🙂

What do you do when you just want to put your paws (huh I mean hands) in front of your face?


The two magical little words…

Magic entered my living room today in many more ways than one….

But the one which stood out and that I want to shout to the world: I finished the first draft of my manuscript!

For the first time since I´ve been trying my hand at writing (and it has been a looooong ride), I put an end to a novel I am working on.

Bumps appeared on the road…days when I thought I would not succeed….many more when I had a blast typing away even if it was just for 30 minutes, stealing precious time from the places I could (aka my commuting).

Getting to the end is exhilarating and scary and everything in between.

I know it is not the end of the journey and my heart races when I think about the editing, beta-reading and all of the questions or challenges I may face in the process. Plus, there is the next book in my mind…

But for now…I am just living in the moment and enjoying it 🙂

Thank you all for supporting me and cheering me on along the way. I am one lucky lady!