Entering contests…


I did it.

I entered Cupid´s Blind Speed Dating contest…If you haven´t heard about it and you have a manuscript that´s complete and revised (or my case revised many times :P), all the info is here

Pressing send is scary. It´s exhilarating but it´s really terrifying. I mean everybody can go and read my updated query (focus on romance) and updated (many times over) first 250 words. (psssshhhh if you want to see it, it´s Bouncer Post 37)

Definitely not as relaxed as my cat
Definitely not as relaxed as my cat

And the other entries are AMAZING  So much talent!

At the end of the month, my pitch and first 250 words will be posted up for PitchWars and I get all nervous just thinking about it too.

But all those contests, they´re not only bringing me amazing connections (through PitchWars I already *met* so many wonderful writers + my mentor extraordinaire Dahlia), they´re also teaching me to:

Put. My. Words. Out. There.

In the big wild world. They also give me great feedback. They help me become a better writer. And I can try to help others too.

Best of luck to all of you entering contests! We´re going to rock them 🙂