Three Black Friday Deals For Writers

There are a lot of sites listing Black Friday deals for writers such as Kindlepreneur Black Friday Deals For Writers 2022.

The list below is made up of three Black Friday Deals I’m either going to use or am thinking about using.

  • One Stop For Writers: I’ve been using One Stop Writers for more than a year, I think, and it has helped me so much. I don’t use all the features (yet) but I always turn to it when I’m revising. The emotion thesaurus, emotions amplifier, colors and patterns and so much more have been so so helpful to me. I have also used The Character Builder to help me craft Alessandro. So, if you’ve enjoyed #SweetsForLove and the grumpy yet charming bodyguard, part of his characteristics came from using One Stop For Writers.
  • Inkers Con 2021 on Demand (currently 50% off): I really learned a lot during the 2022 Mini-Con (it had four classes, including one with Becca Syme and another on budgeting which has helped me making profits this year – so yay!). There are 27 presentations in Inkers Con and so many I’d like to listen to from the 2021 Inkers Con such as:
    • [Insert sex scene here] Identify and break through the roadblocks to writing engaging and emotional sex scenes. Learn tips for silencing your inner critic, find the right ways to craft scenes that deliver the most bang (!!) for your reader’s buck, and understand how to use sex to develop dynamic and multi-faceted characters. You will never want to placeholder a sex scene again! Speaker: Erotic Romance Author Kate Hawthorne
    • Using Data to Make Publishing Decisions: As authors, we have so many decisions to make when it comes to allocating our time, money, and energy. This class will help you understand how your sales, traffic, and follower data can help you make educated decisions on your books, branding, advertising, and activities. Speaker: USA Today Bestselling Author Sarina Bowen
    • Winning at Wide: Do you dream of a world with multiple income streams? Wide distribution can be a beautiful thing but requires groundwork and planning. These wide superstars will share how to properly transition into wide, the distribution options available, marketing and ad strategies, and how to create a long-term plan Panelists: Suzie O’Connell, Skye MacKinnon, and Monica Leonelle

      The full list is available here: Inkers Con 2021 Presentations. The only reason I’m hesitating for this deal is not because I don’t think it sounds very very helpful but also because I’m thinking of doing a consult with Skye MacKinnon and I’m not sure if I should wait for 2023 for the consult or do it before the end of the year. If I wait … I’ll get the Inkers Con (in two payments) now and implement some of what I hear in some of the presentations before the consult.

      2021 Inkers Con classes on sale for HALF OFF this weekend only (ends Monday at midnight ET). The normal price is $245 but use coupon code HALF21 and pay only $122.50 (or break it into two payments). Access is for 6 years with 100% money-back guarantee.
  • ProWritingAid: : ProWritingAid is a grammar checker, style editor, proofreader, and writing coach all in one. I’ve been using ProWritingAid since August 2022. And I personally like it more than Grammarly. The one thing holding me back from the lifetime deal is that my current yearly subscription is ending in August 2023 and I don’t get a pro-rated discount for the other months… so I might wait until then to see if they have another discount. Or I’ll wait until next November. Buuuuut if you’re currently looking to use ProWritingAid, they’re currently running a 50% off for selected plans.

Okay, I know I said three … but here’s another one… 100 photo/vector downloads from Depositphotos (lifetime) – it’s great for promo or covers… I won’t be using – but only because I use Canva Pro and still have pictures available on Depositphotos from a past deal.

🙂 Are *you* planning on using a Black Friday deal for writing tools or classes or marketing?

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