Help me prove them wrong?

I’ve been told this is not possible… That this Kickstarter project of mine with (amazing) rewards will never get funded. It is “all or nothing”, meaning the project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tuesday, July 19th (8.30 EDT).

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And maybe they’re right. It’s at 30% funded now with 16 backers … 

But … Do you want to help me prove them wrong?

Back this project with $1 and you’ll also get #TheLeftoverBride ebook as well as a digital postcard! 

And of course, you could snag an early copy of #TheLeftoverBride audiobook or signed copies and so much more.

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Ep. 62 – The ups and downs of self-publishing (including the words every romance author wants to hear…) A self-published author's diary

Within a few days, I had a few self-publishing ups and downs, including: hearing the words every romance wants to hear (during a pretty stressful day), losing a crown on one of my Vella stories, fangirling over Eloisa James and regaining a crown on said Vella story. Today I also talk about my dream of having Fear Me, Fear Me Not adapated for Lifetime or Netflix… And I have my first voicemail!!!!  Mentioned in this episode: Los Angeles Times – Meet 8 industry players behind Hollywood’s book adaptation boom: Lifetime submitting script: Happy Self-Publishing Moments on TikTok: Leave me a voicemail: Ways to help Ukraine: A few ways to help Ukrainians:  List of charities to support Ukraine by subject:  If you're in Germany:  If you're in France:  Ukraine Media Crisis Center How To Help: As always: Ask me a question (per email: authorelodienowodazkij AT or by leaving me a voicemail:  Follow A Self-Published Author's Diary on Instagram:  Visit my website:  I'm on TikTok: @elodienowodazkij and the podcast too: @aselfpubbedauthorsdiary — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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