Kickstarter: Did you know that…

Keeping it short. 🙂 The Kickstarter is now at 18% funded. Yes, 18%! And we have 11 days to go. Let’s do this. (The Kickstarter only gets funded and funds only get debited if it’s fully funded).

If you are planning to purchase #TheLeftoverBride audiobook:

  1. It will be cheaper to pledge the $10 reward than to purchase it later;
  2. You will be one of the first listeners to receive it;
  3. It will be delivered electronically;
  4. You can pledge from anywhere and receive it in your inbox.

Thank you!!!

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Ep. 62 – The ups and downs of self-publishing (including the words every romance author wants to hear…) A self-published author's diary

Within a few days, I had a few self-publishing ups and downs, including: hearing the words every romance wants to hear (during a pretty stressful day), losing a crown on one of my Vella stories, fangirling over Eloisa James and regaining a crown on said Vella story. Today I also talk about my dream of having Fear Me, Fear Me Not adapated for Lifetime or Netflix… And I have my first voicemail!!!!  Mentioned in this episode: Los Angeles Times – Meet 8 industry players behind Hollywood’s book adaptation boom: Lifetime submitting script: Happy Self-Publishing Moments on TikTok: Leave me a voicemail: Ways to help Ukraine: A few ways to help Ukrainians:  List of charities to support Ukraine by subject:  If you're in Germany:  If you're in France:  Ukraine Media Crisis Center How To Help: As always: Ask me a question (per email: authorelodienowodazkij AT or by leaving me a voicemail:  Follow A Self-Published Author's Diary on Instagram:  Visit my website:  I'm on TikTok: @elodienowodazkij and the podcast too: @aselfpubbedauthorsdiary — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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