Ready. Set. Write! #RSWrite – 2015 Wrap-up!


It’s time!

Time to wrap up Ready. Set. WRITE! Edition of 2015…

Thank you. Thank you so much for having joined us and for your support and for everything. And thank you so much to my co-hosts because the behind-the-scenes are as encouraging and wonderful as the weekly check-ins ❤

My overall goals for the summer?

  • Publish A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER at the end of July –-> DONE! I finished writing, revised and revised and revised and copy edited and published it on July 30th.


  • Publish translations of ONE DREAM ONLY & ONE TWO THREE in German and ONE DREAM ONLY in French –> Half done and in progress. I am still waiting for news from one of my translators.
  • Revise my psychological thriller (New Adult) by mid-July –> Present Elodie laughs at Past Elodie for this goal…
  • Revise ALWAYS SECOND BEST (which is the follow-up to A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER) –> it ended up being a rewrite and a revision and it is almost done!
  • Oh and of course, become a NYT best-seller 😛 or rather not disappoint my current readers and having new people discover my books too. –> Still not a NYT best-seller BUT

Those are my writerly goals for the summer…I have a lot of personal ones too:

  • Run my first 5k ever end of June.  –> I did, I did 🙂


  • Clean my office & clean the garage –> Did clean my office, still working on the garage though.
  • Find new areas to discover close by
  • Start taking pictures again
  • Find ways to give back –> I am working on that. I just applied to volunteer at a school
  • Create memories, enjoy the small moments because they really are the big ones…:)

And now…Manuscripts and Manicures

I chose red – for love, for all the romance, for all the kisses that are part of ALWAYS SECOND BEST. And I only painted a few of my fingers because it’s not entirely ready yet. It’s at this stage where I need to add the last scenes and then make sure it’s all pretty for my beta readers 🙂


Did you participate in RSW? Don’t forget to link your wrap-up posts below!



16 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! #RSWrite – 2015 Wrap-up!”

  1. Sounds like you did brilliantly this summer–particularly your 5k run! Brilliant! I’m pretttty sure you can let your psychological thriller wait a little since Always Second Best demanded so much of your time (I’m waiting patiently for it!) and A Summer Like No Other came out in the middle of summer too. You’ve had a really busy summer, when you think about it. 😀

    Love how you painted alternate fingers to symbolise ASB not quite being done! Looks very good just like that too. 🙂

  2. Your nails look so pretty! Love that your bracelet matches. I’m so impressed by all you’ve accomplished this summer. I’m officially inspired to up my productivity game. 🙂 Best of luck with all of your projects as we head into autumn!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your nails are BEAUTIFUL!!! And yay for all the accomplishments this summer, lady! Thank you so much for hosting with me again!

  4. So many wonderful goals you’ve accomplished this summer. Amazing job, Elodie! Thank you so much for hosting RSW and helping us all be accountable. My RSW summers have been invaluable, and I so appreciate all that you and the other hosts do.

    Cute manicure, and I’m hoping you get to fill those other nails in sooooon! ❤

  5. You got so much done this summer, Elodie! 😀 It was wonderful connecting with you ladies behind the scenes as well as through these check-in posts (and other fun social media). I’m such a fan of red nail polish, and I love the shade you chose. Wishing you lots of luck as you finish up ALWAYS SECOND BEST!

  6. What a gorgeous shade of red nail polish! I love the symbolism of leaving a couple fingernails unpolished to represent the chapters you have yet to finish. Very creative! I’m impressed with how much you accomplished this summer. You really made the most of RSW. And it was great to have you back as a RSW co-host! I loved being on a team with you once again! Hope your momentum and inspiration continues into the fall! 🙂

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