My #NaNoWriMo experience…

…so…hmmm…I had big goals. BIG. GOALS for November. I was going to write an entire novel but I was also going to make steady progress in two other ones.

That didn’t go exactly as planned.

Maybe because we actually got to move into our new home at the beginning of November. (side note: this is pretty awesome and amazing and still hard to believe).

Our first guests were coming for Thanksgiving so we had to have the house Thanksgiving and guests ready by the end of November.

That took a bit more time than I imagined. I tried to catch up. The words were still pouring. Not as steadily but they were still coming, slowly but surely.

Despite the support and encouragement (and an awesome spreadsheet), I still fell behind.


But…I did write 36 000 words. And I am kind of in love with this novel.

It`s a NA thriller with a big dose of romance and family drama and sisters…and it’s a dual POV (including the serial killer POV)…and I am so excited to get back to it and finish writing it.

I definitely know I’ll be back next year to try to get to those 50000 words in one month annnnnd this time, maybe I’ll even make it to one of the local write-ins 🙂

How about you? Do you NaNo?


Comments put a smile on my face :-)

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