First draft – Check….

Big smile.

I just typed THE END to the first draft of my YA romantic suspense novel GUILTY…The word count is a bit on the low side (46k) but I already have in the text some spots telling me to “add texture”, “add scene from the pageant”, “up the tension and the stakes.”

So yes, of course my work isn´t done but I powered through and wrote a book (or the main bones of a book). It´s exciting. It´s thrilling. And I cannot wait to read it through and make it as good as I can before sending it to my wonderful CPs and beta 😀

But for now?

I´m just going to look at that picture a bit longer and pat myself on the back.

End of first draft


What do you do to celebrate a writing related achievement? 


11 thoughts on “First draft – Check….”

  1. There’s definitely a great feeling just looking at “The End” especially after all the work you’ve put into the novel. Still haven’t celebrated finishing my first, unless you could finally relaxing and sitting down to watch Castle.

    I apparently decided to throw myself back in the fire and start on the next.

  2. Well done, Elodie! I hope the revisions go well for you. What do I do when I finish a draft? I take time out to do the things I’ve been pushing aside so I can finish the draft! 🙂

  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Congratulations! I really hope you’ll send this one my way when you’re ready!

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