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Tuesday Tunes – Addicted to you…

I started working on my playlist again. As I write in the train, the music blocks any other noises but it also gives me a nice creativity bust from times to times.

These past few days, I´ve been playing a particular song a lot on my iPod. It gives me the right rhythm and…some of the lyrics fit quite well a certain relationship. (I´m sure the official video is better but…couldn´t watch it in Germany)

So, tell me what is YOUR song of the week for writing, dancing, cooking, chilling, commuting? 😀


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes – Addicted to you…”

  1. Well, I have a couple actually. I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” and “Demons” pretty much on a loop. The former you might recognize from The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie trailer. I also have to mention the music/writing moment that I tweeted about the other day. I was working on buffing up a scene in Watch of Night and “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam came up on my iTunes list. At that particular moment, in that particular scene it was the most perfect piece of music. I actually kind of got chills. 😀

    1. So basically you need to send me your playlist 😀 Id love to listen to the songs that inspired you when I am reading the final product! I really like when a song pops us just at the right moment and Im going to have to guess which scene youre talking about with “Just Breathe” 😀

    1. 😀 And it goes quite well with the way my characters were feeling when I was writing a particular scene 😀

  2. Thanks for linking this post on my blog! I’m always interested to hear what other writers listen to when they work. I know a few people who refuse to listen to any kind of music at all when writing. I personally flip on the classical, or music in a foreign language (if I know the lyrics, I’m liable to stop writing and start busting out my sweet karaoke moves).

    1. Haha 😀 I have been known to sing aloud until I reach my “writing zone” and then nothing can really disturb me 😀 I have some classical on my playlist for this WiP but thats also because my main character used to be a ballet dancer and she plays the piano…

  3. I’ve been listening to David Jordan’s Sun Goes Down all week. Love that song and it’s on one of my WiP playlist. It’s quite tribal and poetic – very inspiring!

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