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First loves…

Today I am combining Blogme MAYbe (brainchild of SaraMcClung) with the First Loves Blogfest organized by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Here are the first loves of Natalja…Natalja had a promising career as a ballet dancer until her knee decided to give up on her. Now, she´s back in New Jersey with a broken dream, a broken mother and with no idea who she is without her pointes.

Her first movie crush: She remembers a night of watching dance movies with her friends from the ballet school, laughing so hard her stomach hurt but the very first movie she loved was at a pajama party with Beverley when she was 6 years old: Cinderella from Walt Disney – Since then she has always wanted to dance the part.

Loving music: Chopin. Anything by the man. That´s what her parents used to play on the piano. That´s what she first learned with them when they let her touch the keyboard. She can remember her dad playing this particular piece with her mother waiting for him, all dressed up before a date. A broad smile, the kind she no longer has and he was looking directly at her…Lost times.

A book is more than words on paper: Again, funny how happy memories can resurface so easily if you let them…Her mother reading to her at night, reassuring her that Baba Yaga would not come after her and that Vasilisa the Beautiful was safe.

                                             Source: via NoelandNicole on Pinterest




Falling in love for the first time: Natalja gave ballet her heart, her body and her soul...She wonders if she will love someone the same way, with all that passion. She’ll have to wait and see.


So tell me, what/who were your first loves? or your character’s first loves?


11 thoughts on “First loves…”

  1. My first love was (is) my husband. Cheesy, but so true. 🙂 And my protagonists’ first loves are always the boys they love to hate in the stories I write. I love exploring that fluttery feeling of first love. Fantastic post, Elodie. Natalja’s story sounds so fascinating!

  2. Like Katy, my first love was/is my husband.
    Though I love ballet almost as much as Natalja =P

  3. This is sort of tangential, but I love the Baba Yaga stories! Orson Scott Card has this great novel, Enchantment, which incorporates Baba Yaga.

  4. Awesome post! I don’t think I could pinpoint my first love. Maybe it’s because early on they didn’t end well. LOL But I definitely think my husband is my *best* love. Does that count?

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