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Say Hello to Balzac…

Today is Road Trip Wednesday 🙂 RTW is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway’s contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s unique take on the topic.

This week’s topic:   What images inspire/ represent your WIP or favorite book?

Pinterest is great for creating visual boards of novels, shiny new ideas, WiPs. It´s not just another way to spend time on the internet, I promise 😀

I´ve already shared some of my inspiration before, including some pictures (moonlight, my male MC…) but today I want to introduce you to somebody who came into my WiP PLAYING WITH FIRE late in the game: Say hello to Balzac!


Balzac can be annoying. He´s always hanging around Erin and she trips on him from times to times. But he´s cuddly. He´s always there when Erin needs him and while he may be a tad afraid of those spirits hanging out around her, he really does want to protect her. He wasn´t part of the WiP at the beginning but the more I wrote, the more I thought that Erin not only liked dogs but that she needed one…And have you seen those eyes?

And here is a little snippet of my WiP which shows you a tad more of Balzac:

I smile as I hear the familiar barking of Balzac. His welcoming bark. Not that I ever heard a difference between any of his barks. That dog would lick an intruder if he thought he could get some food out of him. His tail whips my legs as I enter and I mentally give him treats. I kneel and put my head on his.

Do you enjoy stories where pets play a role?

Or any favorite pictures which represent a book you love or your WiP?


49 thoughts on “Say Hello to Balzac…”

  1. I think every story needs a dog…Glad to see you agree! They offer a lot of opportunities for character development. But most importantly, even when the reader might be angry at the MC, they can never be angry at the dog! It’s the ultimate character to root for!

    1. You are so right, Ian 😀 A pet is indeed hard to get mad at! and Balzac is quite useful in developing Erin’s character, in showing who she is!

  2. First of all, how did I now know you had a blog until this moment? Second of all, how did I not realize you were on Pinterest until this moment?? Rectifying both of these situations now. 😉

    Balzac sounds a lot like my dog. Well, the whole licking intruders thing. I’m a huge dog lover myself, and I think giving a character a dog goes a long way in defining them as a person. For sure.

    1. 😀 Yay for you finding my blog and Pinterest 😀 I am really having fun with Balzac and he does help a lot when it comes to showing how Erin reacts to certain things, what she cares about and he lightens the mood when needed!

  3. Well, you know Katy Upperman has a thing about pet stories. You should ask her:)
    I never really noticed pets until I got a dog of my own. Now I feel like writing a dog into all my stories of lonely teens bc they make for less loneliness. But then, my stories might be happier and well…you know I don’t really roll that way:)

    Also, I have resisted being sucked into Pinterest. I keep resisting. Bc I will be sucked in. And then no work will happen. Ever.

    1. I am definitely going to ask Katy about the pet stories….I think I saw something on Twitter not too too long ago 😀 Pets do help with loneliness – how is your little bundle of joy doing by the way? (it’s not weird I call him like that, right?)

      Are you sure I cannot convince you to join us to the Dark side? Pinterest is calling your name, Christa…it wants you to find shiny thing…

  4. Balzac is SOOOOO CUTE!!! I love pets in stories! My first WIP – my MC had a skunk (yes, a skunk) named Stomper. He’s under the bed now, but he may come out to play in the future. We’ll see.

    1. A skunk? 😀 Sounds like a fun pet to have around – and now I’m quite intrigued about your first WiP! Pets are a nice addition and I’m finding Balzac is developing a character of his own 😀

    1. Thanks Robin 😀 I love pets as well and once I added Balzac to the story (there is also a Hugo but he doesn’t play such a big role yet) – it felt right!

  5. Okay I’m not going to lie I had a total ‘awe how cute’ moment. Might just be my desire for a dog (I miss having one so bad stupid apartment living though). Anyways he is adorable. I like pets. They can be great characters in themselves and they give the character they belong to a sense of calm. Seeing someone with their dog (provided they aren’t an abuser) is a great thing in my opinion.

    1. 😀 Thanks Eve! I also miss having a dog so writing up Balzac was all kinds of fun! Plus, it really helps to show who Erin is when she interacts with her dog…

  6. Balzac is adorable. This post made me realize how infrequently I create pets for my characters–that’s something I should do more often! (I blame my own allergies and sadly pet-free childhood.)

    1. Thanks Rebecca 😀 It’s the first time I create a pet character and I think it partly stemmed from the fact that I miss having a dog…I’m living through Erin, my main MC 😀

    1. Thanks Bess! And wow, a pet squirrel? Sounds very interesting! My hubby is kind of obsessed with squirrels, he probably would love having one as a pet 😀

  7. So cute!!!!
    I’m staying away from Pinterest lol Don’t need aother addiction to take more of my time 😉

  8. Balzac is adorable 🙂 I’ve never really thought about giving characters pets, but it’s a great idea.

    There is a really awesome shopping mall near my parents’ place in a town called Balzac 🙂

    1. Thanks Jaime 😀 I am having lots of fun writing up Balzac and making it a real companion and character in the book…he also helps to show more of Erin (and tell less :D)…And a great mall with this name? Cool! There is also a family cat and his name if Hugo, the mom is obsessed with French writers (or maybe it’s me lol)

  9. As with Melanie, this post made me realize that I have not yet incorporated pets into my writing either. What was I thinking? There is definitely no better character to root for than a loyal canine companion. What a perfect symbol of unconditional love and innocence.

  10. Love this! It makes me realize that I haven’t written any pets into my stories, which is funny because I love pets in stories. I mean Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys were some of my favorites growing up!

    1. Thanks Carissa 😀 Writing Balzac into the story came a bit as a surprise to me but a very good surprise because he’s really a treat! 😀

  11. Aww, so sweet, and I love your excerpt! I do enjoy stories with pets. Cats play a big part in my story Where Poppies Bloom, which is sort of funny because I’m totally NOT a cat person. Fantastic post, Elodie!

    1. Thanks, Katy! 😀 Christa mentioned something about you and pet stories 😉 This WiP also has a cat called Hugo but he doesn’t play as an important part as Balzac does…Yep Hugo & Balzac, Erin’s mom loves French writers (or maybe it’s me :D)

  12. I love dog stories so much! I grew up reading the Albert Payson Terhune stories about his Sunnybank Collies. Balzac is adorable and the excerpt you shared fits his picture perfectly.

    1. Aww! Thanks Stephanie! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt…Balzac is such a fun and lovely dog to write about 😀

  13. My WIP Crow’s Rest has a dog character that plays a pretty important part in the story, and is based on a Corgi mix I saw at a local rescue. I’m actually surprised more cats don’t creep into my stories, considering I volunteer at a sanctuary with around 100 cats.

    And I’m a photographer, so I get all kinds of inspiration from photos, both my own and others’.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angelica 😀 Wow, 100 cats in a sanctuary! It is indeed funny that none of them made it into your WiP yet. As a photographer, I’m sure images play a big role in your creativity!

    1. He is really cute and fun to write about…helps to put a bit of humor into dark situations…Pinterest is great! I am not spending a whole lot of time on it but I really enjoy using it for inspiration and relaxation…

  14. Aw, I love Balzac! And, he’s just like my real-life dog. If an intruder with a gun kicked down the front door he would still be okay with my dog if he gave him a treat. Also – Pinterest? I think I may be the only person on Earth who just doesn’t “get it.” I am on it. But I really just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just spending too much time other places on the net! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kitty 😀 Dogs are just so cute…and he’s really fun to write about 😀 Pinterest is also quite fun! I don’t spend a whole lot of time on it (yet) but I love gathering those pictures and images 😀

    1. Thanks Martha! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the name and the little excerpt..I am having lots of fun writing him up!

    1. 😀 I love dogs (and cats…) Hubby and I are thinking about getting pets very soon and I’m so excited about it! I am having lots of fun writing Balzac up, he’s a great doggy!

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