It’s a small world after all….

WordPress started to show statistics of visitors per country…and I am so happy to see how many people from so many different areas of the world stumble upon my blog.

Some of them undeniably came across my posts thanks to their searches…Here are some terms which bring wanderers to my site…

The “popular” ones

  • Happy Friday: yep people love looking for everything related to Happy Friday (usually as of Wednesday) – Happy Friday smile, Happy Friday pic, Happy Friday images, Have a happy Friday. The ones which personally turns my lips upwards is Happy Friday hubby, Happy Friday sunshine and smile, it’s Friday.
  • Books: I hope people can find interesting posts by googling this term
  • Santa Claus: including Santa Claus in trouble, Santa coming late
  • Mike Delfino: I agree I mean he´s quite good looking

The writing-related ones

  • Writer, inspiration, imagination: related searches including writer’s imagination and the tripe I of writers. I’m sorry I don’t have the magical recipe for it but I know it’s important!
  • Aspiring young authors: And since I am an aspiring young author of young adult novels, this fits 😀 (30 is still young, right?)
  • Beauty of words: Words are indeed beautiful!
  • write, my super powers are: This one really made me smile 😀 We all have super powers when it comes to our writing.

The reading-related ones

  • Anna and The French Kiss: I must talk a lot about this book on my blog cos’ people also search for Anna & The French Kiss query, Anna & The French Kiss rights sold (while I don’t think I actually wrote about this before…)
  • Hunger Games, The Scorpio Races and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight: Yep those are great books too!
  • Funny books on commuting: Hmm sorry I don’t know any!
  • Is Shatter Me worth reading: I would say yes! I really loved it but I know not everybody did. I think it’s definitely worth giving it a try and see where the magic of words can take you…
  • Did you cry during the fault in our stars: I did.

These also make me smile, wonder or ponder….

  • Valentine’s Day: Essay about Valentine´s Day, Valentine’s Day French Toast (hope somebody made his/her special someone some yummy French toast on that day)
  • never asked myself the big questions: I do on a regular basis though…
  • tada goodbye: 😀
  • what are a lifetime of memories: Such a thought-pondering moment…
  • french toast kiss: Yes if your special someone made you French Toast you should kiss them…
  • “don’t take it personally” “it’s not you it’s me”: This search could make me smile or sad…depending on the mood of the person looking
  • guy looking at the moon and wolf looking at the moon: Hope they enjoyed my moon picture!
  • magic words for daughter: This search made me go awwwwwwwww cos I can picture a mom or a dad wanting to write a special card/letter/email for their daughter and looking for inspiration cos’ they’re afraid to get them wrong. The special words are: “I am proud of you” and “I love you” combined with “always”.

And there are even some with my name 😀 (maybe it’s an agent looking for me!)

  • Elodie writer
  • Elodie falling into you
  • Elodie poetry

And while I am very thankful to see how so so many countries of the world are represented, I am secretely hoping that one of my visitors from the Ukraine (or the US or Germany) is that guy right there…(if you don’t know the Klitchko brothers in particular Wladimir Klitchko, just click on his picture for more info).

(Disclaimer: My hubby is fully aware of my fan-girling attitude towards this gentleman :D)

Tell me, are there any search terms which really made you smile or wonder?

or do you wish one of your unknown blog visitors to be someone specific?


14 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all….”

  1. It is interesting to see where all the blog visitors come from. I’ve seen China and Singapore come up a number of times when I’ve look at the stats on WordPress. There’s even this girl in Germany that’s checked in a few times. 🙂

    Last year, during Banned Books week, I dedicated an article each day of that week to a banned book. Ever since, at least one of those articles comes up in a search almost every day. The one on Harry Potter has been particularly popular… until recently. For some *strange* reason, there’s been interest in THE HUNGER GAMES… 🙂

    1. It is really interesting to look at those statistics. I have no idea who that girl living in Germany might be 😉 and I wonder what THE HUNGER GAMES is all about, maybe I should google it 😀

  2. I’m sure it was your writing-related posts that hooked me. 🙂 Since I didn’t start blogging until the start of the new year, your Santa Claus references have me a little curious. I guess I’ll have to check out your blogs from last year to find out!

    It IS interesting to find out where bloggers live. It’s fun to think how we can touch people on the other side of the world! 🙂

    1. We can really reach out to sooooo many people through blogging, it amazes me!

      And thank you so much for your comments on my blog, it always warms my day 😀

    1. You show up as a star now 😀 (you are a STAR!) 😀
      I really enjoy this new feature as well, I have one person from Nepal yesterday and this really amazes me to see the reach we can have with our blogs!

    1. It is a small world after all 😀 I have the song stuck in my head 😀 Isn´t it great to see how many countries we can reach with our words through the blogging world?

  3. I am always so fascinated by how people stumble upon my blog – the search terms really are indicative of what I write. I love how your search terms are so positive and lighthearted because that’s the atmosphere on your blog. I keep coming back because I always smile when I visit. 🙂

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