Why are reviews so important…

You may wonder, “Elodie, why do you keep on talking about reviews?” … Well, well, well, here are ALL (*okay fine, maybe not all since some algorithms don’t really tell you their secrets…). You can review my books on Amazon here.

More reviews means readers may be more likely to purchase a book… Have you ever come across a book with only one or two reviews from an author you didn’t know and thought: “Hmmm. Maybe I’m going to wait to get that one.”? I know I do.

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Algorithms. It is a well-known theory in the magic unicorn world of authors that unless you have 50 reviews, Amazon doesn’t favor your book. But there are no official source for this little secret. There are rumors, discussion in author groups, forums, boards… articles mentioning it but also talking about the fact that there is no hard data or confirmation from Amazon. Still, this glitter of review magic dust is talked about, whispered about…

When you try to book some marketing services as an author to reach more readers, some sites ask you to have a minimum of reviews, otherwise they either reject your submission outright or you have a lower chance of booking the promo.

Reviews can also help the algorithm (see above) because of the words they use. Both for readers deciding before they purchase a book and for sites to push your book’s visibility. It can also help authors (in this case, me, hi :-)) decide how to market the books.

But … Elodie, where can I review your books? And how?

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Reviews can be super short. Really. Just a few words. The best place (for me) to review is on Amazon but if you cannot, then you can also review and share on your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, whatever social media you use, BookBub, Goodreads …

And here is my author page on Amazon where you can find all my books!