#SweetsForLove excerpts just for you…

Here comes a steamy one…:-) Only read if you don’t want spoilers

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My stomach twists and turns. I resist the urge to check my reflection again.

The doorbell rings and my throat dries up. “In here.” I’m tempted to rip off my clothes and wait for him by the counter but there are way too many sharp objects around here. Not a good idea.

And what if he did decide that we should just be friendly, colleagues, acquaintances, whatever we are? Without any of the sexy benefits?

“Hey.” This man has the most attractive voice ever.

My pulse hammers in my ears and the familiar tingles in my lower belly whenever he smiles at me in that I-want-you way are keyed up.

The way he leans against the doorway is like he studied romance novels and perfected the move. And ohmygod, he’s wearing gray sweatpants that do not hide that his hammer should come with a too-big-to-handle warning.

Ladies and gentlemen, he understood the assignment.

He’s orgasm-on-a-very-impressive-stick and I’m… unsure of what to do. I run my palms down my yoga pants and settle an arm behind me, hoping my pose is enticing. It’s one thing to get lost in the heat of the moment. It’s another to have a sex appointment.

Because that’s the plan.

We’re going to have sex.



His eyes roam my face and I can’t look away from him. “Thor,” I whisper and he clenches his jaw.

“Tonight, I’m Alessandro.” His voice is raspy. The way he said those words fill me with so much anticipation that my entire body flutters.  He strides so decisively toward me that he reminds me of those fierce predators I’ve seen on the National Geographic channel—ready to pounce on their prey, except I’m not running away. Oh no, I pull him down to me for one of those kisses that leave both of us breathless.

I want this.

I want him.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for more than a year,” he growls. 

“One night.” I manage to utter as a reminder more for myself than for him. And his half-grin is so full of promises the flutters in my body intensify. He must have an entire notebook filled with WWABBD (what would a book boyfriend do) facts and he’s ticking them off one by one tonight.

Not complaining.

“One night.” His hand runs down my arm before settling on the small of my back in a possessive way that ignites yet another spark on my skin. “I’m going to finally taste every inch of you. I want you, Aisling.” And with those words my mind stops wandering. I’m here, in the moment. My hand flat against his firm chest, I rise on my toes.  “I’m going to taste every inch of you, too.”

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