I´ve been tagged :D

So, I have been tagged several times these past weeks and I also received an award…How fitting to receive the Lovely Blog Award from the lovely Jaime (and if you do not follow her blog, you really should because it´s a treat!) Thanks again!

Now, on to the tagging business.  I have been taggboozzled (reference to Friends – because well, there´s always a possibility to refer to Friends).

In the past week, not one, not two but six wonderful bloggers tagged me.

First a shout-out to them:

Colin, Kiperoo, Elise, Gwen, Sophie, Diane

Really, you should go and pay them a visit, it´s worth it…I promise.

And since all this tagging amounts to 61 questions (and I´m not sure anybody would go through reading 61 questions about me…), I will mix them in my magic mixer and tada…here is the result:

1. Think of one person you aren’t able to see for whatever reason (distance, availability, etc.) you would love to meet up with. Who is this person? This can be a famous person, a relative, a literary agent–anyone, as long as they are alive.

My grandmother.

2. If you were a crayon, what colo(u)r would you be, and why?

Blue. Like the sky. Like hope. Like happy.

3. When you get (or got) “the call” from an agent, who will be (or was) the first person you will tell (or you told)?

My hubby would be the first person I would tell. I´m not sure he´ll understand the words coming out of my mouth though, I might be a tad over the moon.

4. What genre(s) do you write?

I recently finished the first draft of a YA paranormal romance and I started a YA contemporary romance.

5. What is your secret weapon of choice?

My smile 🙂

6. If you could sit down for coffee with any historical figure, who would it be?

Louis XIV – I have a healthy fascination with this period.

7. What was the #1 song the day you were born?

My friend “Google” told me that the #1 song in the US on August 18th, 1981 was: Endless Love (Diana Ross & Lionel Richie)

8. If you could speak a (another) foreign language which would it be?

Russian. First, it´s a beautiful language and then…I could understand the jokes hubby and his family make – they´re not easy to translate…

9.  Which series are you eagerly anticipating the newest release for? 

I cannot wait for Insurgent by Veronica Roth! Just a few more months…

10. Keeping with the foodie theme, what’s your signature dish? Something you make that blows people away and that you luuuuurve.

Aussie Chicken. It´s a dish which resembles one from Outback (love that place) and it has a lot of yummy ingredients: chicken, honey mustard sauce, mushrooms, fried onions, mashed potatoes, bacon…hmmm

11.  What’s something that made you smile today? 

Catching up with one of my best friends (big hug across the ocean Tonya!)

If you´d like, you can use those questions on your blog as well 😀 Just let me know in the comments. Otherwise, tell me: what foreign language would you LOVE to learn?


18 thoughts on “I´ve been tagged :D”

  1. Great selection of questions! This has been such a great way to get to know so many new people!

    As for the foreign language I would love to learn — well, I am a dunce when it comes to languages unfortunately and I have tried and failed to learn Spanish already, but I really hope to someday fix that because as a teacher in Chicago, speaking Spanish would be an absolutely great skill to have. Plus it would feel great to overcome that previous challenge. 🙂

  2. Great questions! I like the sound of Aussie Chicken. Maybe without the mustard for me but everything else sounds yum!

    I’d love to learn Italian. I adore that country, language, food, everything! So it’d be great to speak it fluently. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention, Elodie 😀 And I just discovered that our birthdays are back to back (mine is August 19th)! As for foreign language I’d love to learn, my answer is two-fold: 1) I’d love to learn more German and become fluent, and 2) I’d love to learn Gaelic. Great to learn more about you!

    P.S. Are you taking part in the next round of Change Write Now? I’m really tempted to join but I’m worried about the fact that we’re in the UK for half of May (tough to keep up on vacation).

    1. You´re quite welcome Jaime 😀 Funny that our birthdays are back to back…
      And from now on we should basically interact in German to help you towards your goal of becoming fluent 😀 (For Change Write Now, I´ll let you know very soon)

  4. Thanks, Elodie! Great job with the questions and mashing them all up like that. It’s cool that so many people want to get to know you! Don’t you feel special? 😀

    There are so many languages I would love to know. However, I think the most useful for me to know fluently would be Spanish, French, and German. I know some French, but not nearly enough to be satisfied. 🙂

  5. Your answers are wonderful! 🙂

    Louis XIV is a pretty unique character . . . I’d ask him for some interior design tips. To build Versailles, you’ve got to have some serious taste. 🙂

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