Observations, Train

Week 42 – Ranting about coughing…

No I am not coughing as I am typing this. This post will not be about my writing even though I am very pleased to announce that I almost reached my goal of 300 words per day this week.

However as a commuter I urge my co-commuters to realize some basic facts: we’re in a small place together, we might be pushed against one another, creating more intimacy than what we ever intended, sitting or standing…so if you do cough or sneeze please make sure that it does not reach the other person.

I assure you there are ways to avoid these little accidents…

This was just a little rant as for the past two days I thought about opening an umbrella, carrying a mask or just anything to avoid the little drops coming out of other passengers.

I understand one has to go to work but please, not putting something, anything in front of your mouth when you are coughing/sneezing is just plain wrong.


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