No more excuses…a scary thought

I commute. Every day I spend more than 2 hours in public transportation. I mostly can not write in the train because it is way too crowded. However, this will change and I am facing a “no more excuses”… Read More

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Week 42 – Ranting about coughing…

No I am not coughing as I am typing this. This post will not be about my writing even though I am very pleased to announce that I almost reached my goal of 300 words per day this… Read More

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Week 40: Finding the time to write….

This is not a new topic. After using my friend “Google”, I found several websites/blogs talking about the topic, here are a few below:’re-a-Busy-Mom Commuting does not necessarily making it easier to write…sometimes… Read More

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Week 39 – Delays, another perk of commuting?

Delays are annoying, sure…but let’s try to see the positive side of them. … … … It is quite an exercise as I get very annoyed when I leave work somewhat on time but my plans on coming… Read More

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